Help start an economy in the wild! (Experimental)

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  1. Hey guys,

    Some of you may know about the Last Light Outpost. It's one of the biggest and oldest outposts on EMC, and we are the proud owners of the longest thread on the forums :p

    Recently, we've found our membership to be reclining, and the outpost to be a lot less active than it once was.

    We've decided to try to combat this by creating an experiment of sorts. We want to see if we can support some kind of economy. This won't be a full economy with shops and things. What we want is for people to offer services or products such as land or buildings.

    Another thing we're looking at is offering the LLO as a holiday destination for people to escape from the hustle and bustle of town. We're looking to host events and we have a huge stadium with a capacity of 931 that people could use.

    If you want to join or just want to check it out, please post on the LLO thread and someone will send you some information. We're currently working on a significantly more inviting first post.

    Thanks! :D
  2. Is there a hotel? I'd love to be pampered with stone slabs for a getaway. :D
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  3. That's an option! :p
  4. Bump again! :D
  5. I have wanted to set up a major mining outpost in the frontier something. I've still been thinking about how this is accomplished, but...
    if you're not on Smp2 or Smp5, then I might give it a shot setting up there if you wanna take me in =)
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  6. We're based on smp7 so if you want to make a post on the thread linked in the OP, then we'd be more than happy to discuss things with your. Mining isn't exactly what we're looking for, however anything's an option! :D
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  7. Apologies for the late response, but mining might be useful regardless! We need resources to construct possible buildings, so having a community stockpile isn't a bad idea!
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  8. I am in charge of events at Carthaga so maybe I could cook something up for LLO too! The city is awesome but depressing because it is empty. May be events could change that? I'll try to get out there on my alt because my home is on 7
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  9. Another thing thing that might help is having another outpost to compete with. LLO. Like a competitive rival, were each month both outposts get together for a friendly competition. Each outpost in this competition is tasked with building an structure/facility in a third outpost. Each month or every two months, two new builds are created. At the years end, both outposts have now built a third outpost. This outpost doesn't even need to be near either outpost in the competition. Once the third outpost is finished, the two outposts that took part in its creation could auction off an established pre-build outpost and split the profits 50/50 or which ever way you decide.
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  10. I posted in the other thread as per instructions but never heard from anyone.
  11. Hey great idea! On another thread (link below) I am exploring the possibility of 'rivals' and I could volunteer to be your declared enemy ;) I think my members are also itching for something else to do and a PvP arena war might be just the thing - how would it work though? As for the competitions above - LOVE IT! We're on Smp5, outpost is named Middle Earth.
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  12. Step it up? How about I start it rolling by finding a good spot to claim an experimental outpost? Will be easiest to travel to and from if it's on a server that is not where you normally reside - which one has the least number of claimed outposts? 9 maybe?