Interest in a Federation of outposts?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Late last year I made a post about The New Federation. I sort of let that project die and I've changed a fair bit about how it will work. However, I think I'm almost ready to bring it back.

    The idea is to create a federation of outposts. We would operate a federal government, however the outpost would be split into many autonomous outposts (states) around EMC. It would operate using a parliamentary system. The parliament would be split into two houses, the lower house being elected whilst the upper house would be made up of the leaders of each state. There would be a President as head of state, elected by the upper house. The First Minister would the head of government, appointed by the President with the support of the majority of the lower house.

    I don't want to get too much into detail about the political system here, however if anyone has any questions or suggestions I'd be more than happy to discuss and consider them.

    My main point is to see if anyone is interested in starting this with me? We have selected Volt on smp9 currently as our capital, but that may change.

    Anyone with an outpost is free to join or to even start their own outpost, although we don't want too many. Just post here! :D
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  2. This is probably the worse idea ever! I like steams idea much better and by better I mean at all.
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  3. Question: would the members of this have to do everything that the federation says? How would it be enforced. I like the idea of cooperative outposts but not being forced to do something
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  4. Not quite like that. This would act essentially as one outpost, but with cities that can operate as they wish.

    Referring to the above answer, the members would probably have to do what the federal government says as we would be a single outpost. However, the purpose of the upper house is for each state to express their concerns with any legislation.
  5. yeah he gets to say and we have to fallow... no way! I don't like tyranny
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  6. Did you read the first post?
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  7. Pls educate urself
  8. Yeah I like the idea of a bunch of different outposts collaborating and communicating to help each other with their issues but I also like it when each outpost remains independent and in charge of themselves
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  9. This'd work very much in a similar way to the US. Although, the level of autonomy offered to member outposts would probably closer to what is seen in Russia or the EU.
  10. IIRC This has been tried, usually with disastrous results, a few times.

    EDIT: Besides, most outposts want to be completely autonomous, I don't know what the incentive to join would be.
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  11. I can think of a few incentives to join:
    -Other outposts to help new ones start up
    -Resource trading
    -Help with fighting griefers
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  12. I've spent months working out a system that attempts to fix all of the issues found in previous attempts at thing like this. The main issues were complexity and people not understanding how to worked. I've tried to devise a system that is simple and can be explained easily, so that everyone knows what's going on.
  13. If it works I'll applaud you for doing something no one has done before. I've still not seen any want or need for something like this.
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  14. I kind of had a thing going with the United Outposts but I had to many things going on so I couldn't go through with it.
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  15. Also maybe we should have LLO be the capital because it is like the biggest city on EMC. Or maybe we should start a brand new outpost to be the capital
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  16. The LLO wouldn't want to be any part of this. Our current capital is Volt on smp9.
  17. Ok I'll have to check volt out sometime