Calling All Outposts! United Outposts Organization

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Would you consider joining United Outposts?

Yes 13 vote(s) 54.2%
Maybe 6 vote(s) 25.0%
No 3 vote(s) 12.5%
Not yet maybe in the future 2 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. Hello all you members of the numerous outposts of EMC. I am SteamboatWillie, a member of the Carthage outposts and one day I had this idea: "What if we could have an alliance of outposts that could be friends?" Now before you all start lecturing me about the past federations and stuff let me tell you what this will be for:
    -Let outposts communicate with each other
    -Trade resources (optional)
    -When Empires come out it can be a way to visit each other
    -Help new outposts get started
    -Work on projects together that would benefit everyone
    The HQ for the United Outposts would most likely be in town (haven't worked all details out yet). We could have events for all outposts and maybe ways to better EMC. There would not be a government over the outposts. Think more UN without all the nuclear and pollution deals. All outposts would be able to operate independently. We could also have organizations such as:
    -EARTH: Environmental Agency Removing Terrain Holes
    -Anti-Greifers League
    So post on this thread if you like the idea and might want to join. All outposts can join, big and small!
  2. Sounds great and as I do have very positive experience with Kaizimir and Carthaga about 100 couple (?) years ago, I would be glad to join with my small outpost we are working on with few members of it (most of whom are inactive atm).
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  3. Sounds Good, Although I would not do this, as I prefer to be alone in the wild, More of my Get Away from everything..... I am sure there are many outposts out there that would do this....

    Have you thought about how this would work for Across Server? Not many would want to do this across servers due to the many factors....
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  4. Since it won't be a continusely involved thing it would be easy to coordinate. Maybe have meetings in town every once in a while?
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  5. I think most of what Willie lists is even easier across servers, only exception maybe trading resources.

    Willie, I have an empty residence on SMP4 that we could use as HQ. In my experience, displaying in SMP-town increases the visibility of an outpost. If that is not wanted, like for the private OPs, there are ways around it.
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  6. I would love to join. My outpost only consists of a few people:

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  7. Another possible thing that United Outposts might do: clean up all of the mess at frontier spawns
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  8. I'm glad to support on behalf of Outpost Regen. Advice, repairs, help building, materials, frontier clean up or public works...
  9. Hello there, Im always in favor of anything that gets people out in the wild. There's lots of cool things to do out there.
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  10. The idea seems fine but... Wasn't all of that already happening without the whole "organization" thingy? I mean, as far as I know all the things you listed there... Well, they already happened before and it's still happening.
  11. Oh yeah, that was good times. I think we would be able to find some footage of it on our thread, but let's say it is a long time ago :)

    You are right that it is happening, which is awesome. I think what SteamboatWillie is going for is to offer a platform for all outposts, including very new or small ones. I am sure none of us have visited, or even knows all of the outposts out there. Here is a forum to get to know the others. And who knows, maybe you/your outpost has a neighbour you haven't even met yet.
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  13. I will make a new thread with application form soon for any who want to be in the UO. I will also be starting HQ soon.
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  14. Yes I support our leader kev and Regen in this Endeavor
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  15. Question: What smp would be best for HQ for everyone?
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  16. So for UO's first in town project I'm thinking about building one of the following in a glass dome:
    -Biome in a dome (probably jungle)
    -rollar coaster
    -community pool
    What should I do?
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  17. I like Biome in a Dome :)
  18. And just when we just ended the last SMP war a new one is about to fire up ;)

    My 2 cents: why not use your outpost SMP as the HQ location? Afterall; you're basically the ones who started the idea, so that seems kind of suiting to me.
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  19. Us at Underhelm are on board with the idea, as you already know from what we sent the other day.