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  1. Kind people of EMC I need help.
    I am setting up a new promo shop/mall and I need either a gold or iron supporter voucher and (this is a BIG BIG ask from you) I need one cheap.
    Iron voucher: 90k + Momo's Toothpick
    Gold voucher: 130k + Momo's Toothpick
    I need the supporter voucher for location teleports as you can only have one non-supporter
    Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you can help me on this.
    p.s sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum I wasnt sure where to put it :)
  2. I sadly can't help you with the supporter voucher, but maybe this helps: you can also do /res tpsign, and then put [teleport] on a sign. This will also lead you to the desired location. :)
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  3. This, and I believe you can make it message teleports.

    Not much of a difference unless you plan on doing /home donut a couple times a day.
  4. ok thanks i will try that
  5. Thank you I didn't know about this feature I feel stupid for not knowing #noob
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  6. I can do the iron voucher of ur still up for it?
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  7. maybe if I can get the money :p
  8. The others are fully right here, the option which they described is called a feature sign. Check out this wiki page for a full overview on what you can do with them. You can even make portal areas this way: people simply walk into a "niche" and then they get teleported somewhere else (or you could use buttons or... whatever you wish).

    Hope this can help as well.