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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have seen this very often, and I thought i would just make a thread to help out a bit.

    Have you seen some threads where it has 12 pages of bumps?
    For example

    Then you see threads where it is active, but does not have it?
    For example

    The way I see it, is I like to keep my threads clean and I know others do as well. When you visit a thread and see pages full of bumps, it gets a bit annoying. When you bump a thread, I would suggest to delete the old bumps, and that way it cleans your threads up. Doing so will also help in making your thread look more appealing and easier to read for all.

    I have always done this and see many doing this, but wanted to point this out to all in hopes they can start to clean up the threads, and make it easier for players who may not be able to read as good, or like to see clean threads, easier for them....

    Feel free to express your opinions....

    Also let me know if you don't want your thread used in the examples, (Did not want to use mine as it would seem funny)

  2. Hey, that seems like a pretty good idea, actually! I had never thought about that yet!
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  3. I've done that for years.. :p
  4. I never thought about that, and yeah I've noticed a lot of threads with pages of bumps, too. This will definitely make things better! Thanks for sharing the idea!
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  5. Bump
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  6. PLEASE.
    not a lot more i hate than going to a thread..and seeing someone bump it once an hour. like no. stop. please. just no.
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  7. Wait what? I am so confused, Read that sentence like 30 times and I am so confused, Could be just that or maybe the fact i am running on very low sleep, and tired from work. :p
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  8. i have no idea.

    i was going along with what you said about bumping threads.
    so for deleting the old ones.. because not a lot of things are as annoying as going to a thread and seeing pages of annoying bumps that people post every 45 minutes just because it fell off the "recent" tile list or something. XD
    /ignore me
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  9. I wish we could do that for auction bumps
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  10. i do this often, or when off topic things get brought into the thread ill pm the poster and ask for staff to remove it. sometimes (not often) if i have an auction thread with more then 5 consecutive bumps ill report all of them and ask for them to be removed while i have a clean bump right next to the previous bid
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  11. Starting to see threads get full, and kinda hard to read them :p
  12. Very useful guide, thanks for sharing! This is the first time I see it, which isn't surprising because I was offline around the time you posted it (wonderful Internet provider). But I fully agree!

    Because I wrote several tutorials I eventually started a journal thread. So every time I add a tutorial to that journal thread all my tutorials get 'bumped' somewhat, which also helps.
  13. I'll remember to do this in auctions.
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  15. I see
    Lol I bump my thread for Specialty Inc every every now and then
    And I agreed I have also started to delete some of my old bumps that contain no new information
    It's a hassle to go through not only for the viewer or customer but the creator as well
    So yes great advise Finch :)
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  16. Yes its a Hassle, but pays out as you have a much cleaner thread afterwards. even if you want I had this in my head... why not make the 2nd or 3rd post as a Update log of all the updates over time of when orders where completed or items added, and maybe add them in spoilers as well.

    I work hard to keep my threads clean, hehe
    This one is a year old and only 3 pages of info hehe
    and same with

    But what i am kinda talking about, this thread is a good example,
    I bump new info from other posts to the 2nd post so players dont have to scroll through and all the info is on the first and 2nd post. :)

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  17. Nice thanks for the idea I might start doing this as well :)
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