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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to post something a little bit different. So, there's a lot of events in EMC! Do you want to know more information about them, though? Then you've come to the right thread! This thread explains how events work, who host them, and so much more! Enjoy :)

    Friday Night Miners
    Mob Arena
    Creature Capture
    PvP (Staff VS The World, Kill Krysyy Edition, and Kill RainbowChin edition)
    UHC - No Wiki Link.

    This is a game of 3 rounds. The rounds are....
    Round 1: Normal Round (only 1 floor)
    Round 2: Multi Round (2 floors)
    Round 3: Normal Round (only 1 floor)

    This is were the blocks fall and burn down to the ground. YOU have to try and not fall to the ground. If you fall, you're out until the next around.

    Round 1 - 300 tokens + donations from plyers.
    Round 2 - 500 tokens + donations from players.
    Round 3 - 300 tokens + donations from players.

    Now, here comes the hard challenge. Last block standing. Now, last block standing gets even more prizes! The prizes are a Orange Krysyy ALT Head, (500 or 300 tokens), and donations from players. There only 13 people who have made it. Can you??

    This is always at 4:00 EMC Time/9pm BST on Thursdays. (on smp4, /firefloor)

    Your host(s): RainbowChin, and Krysyy.

    Friday Night Miners:
    Well, there are no rounds or anything like that. FNM is were you go mining, and go out with friends to hunt! You might even find Marlixs, or other things out there!

    This always happens at 8:00 EMC Time on Fridays. The host is always different! Not the same mod hosts this event every time.

    This is were you go mining, build houses, fight mobs, and have fun! No PvP! No being mean! And fun! This is FNM ;)

    SMP unknown. Told and different every time.

    Mob Arena:
    Mob Arena is every Saturday, Tuesday (sometimes), and (sometimes) on Wednesdays (or, if I'm right, Thursdays).

    There are 3 types of rounds.
    Round 1 - Normal Round, Armor and Tools.
    Round 2 - No Items Round.
    Round 3 - Normal Round, Armor and Tools.
    (Might be reversed for other events)

    This is on Saturday, at 4:00 EMC Time, Thursday/Wednesday at 11:00 EMC Time, and Tuesday at 4:00 EMC Time. (on smp5, /v mobarena)

    Your hosts: RainbowChin, ArchdukeMelon, and ItsMeMatheus.

    Player drops. (Armor, Weapons, etc.)

    Fight the mobs! Sometimes, once in a while, you fight bosses! Be careful; they're harsh!

    Creature Capture:
    This is were you bring a fishing rod with you. You try to catch animals with the rod, and bring them up to you. If you get one, thats one point for you!

    This is on smp5, with /v creaturecapture or /v creature capture. This is at 4:00 EMC Time or 8:00 EMC Time.

    Prizes and Rounds: None

    Your Host: Krysyy

    PvP (Kill Krysyy Edition):
    This is were you try to kill Krysyy in PvP! Make sure you bring some good armor, she's tough!

    This is on smp6, with /pvp. This is at 7:00 EMC Time.

    Prizes: Get Krysyy's Head!!!!
    Rounds: None

    Host: Krysyy

    PvP (Kill RainbowChin Edition):
    This is were you try to kill RainbowChin! But he'll be wearing his minty armor! Watch out! He's get some good gear!

    Time and Smp: smp6, /pvp. 4:00 EMC Time.

    Rounds: None.

    Prizes: Get RainbowChin's Head!

    Your Host: RainbowChin

    PvP (Staff VS The World Edition):
    This is were you try to kill all the mods at the pvp arena! Be careful; they've got tough armor! They're warriors! So watch out!

    Time: 7:00 EMC Time

    Smp: smp6, /pvp.

    Host: Dramanya

    NOTICE: Days for events are unknown.

    This is an event being hosted by RainbowChin. It's when a group of people get together and play UHC! It is teams of 4, or 3. The IP can be found in the official thread only. Make sure to join Chin!

    Time: 4:00 EMC Time, on Sundays.

    Prizes: None.
    Rounds: None.

    Thanks for reading my thread! I hope you enjoy! :)

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  2. I would suggest instead of making the staff names colorful, put the whole sections colorful. Meaning that firefloor would be one color, FNM would be another and so on. I like that put the events on a nutshell. I would suggest also to add a little description of thought about the event from players of EMC
  3. So, what do you need help with on this?
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