Hello EMC! A new familiar face

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by EyeCar, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Greetings, I am Eye_car. I look forward to joining in this bustling economic infused server.

    As to be expected, I plan on setting up a humble shop - which will drive some people nuts, while others will absolutely love it. I don't want to give to many details out to soon; but I have one small problem. I have not found a server to call home yet. If you have any recommendations please reply to this thread because polls are way overrated.

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  2. Wel come to the Empire! The best server is smp3!
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  3. The BEST server is smp4
  4. Welcome Eye_car! Please visit smp1, we're all very lovely there :p
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  5. The BEST? That sounds awfully awesome!
  6. Indeed.
  7. Lol who paid $30 for a gag alt?
  8. SMP1 is hands down the best! Why do you think we got the 1?
  9. A gag, this is not. I am here to join in the recreational fun which is EMC!
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  10. I saw you on SMP4 and are currently on.
  11. Smp3 has the BEST shops! Also we have a lot of Great people that can help You!
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  12. this is true, I am checking it now.
  13. ........Aikar=Eye_car............. I am not fooled by you witchcraft! ;)
  14. Spin the wheel then, every server is uniquely interesting and fun. Enjoy :)
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  15. I have a weird suspicion that this "Eye_Car" has to do with "Aikar." vividOptimism is right, I think this is a gag account that is owned by someone who already has an Empire account.
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  16. Smp2 is the best, as you have already seen! Welcome to the empire Eye_car!
  17. I don't think it's an Aikar alt... but it's an alt...

    I promise it wasn't me this time. :p
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  18. For the record, I never denied that I am an alt. account. But the goal is not to discover who I am - rather worry more about the stability of the economy I am going to impact.

    I will just be playing as an ordinary player in an ordinary empire server.
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  19. I am on to you.... Eye_car....
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