Have you ever raged?

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  1. After losing 8 stacks of Quart Ore yesterday (due to falling in lava), I sorta raged pretty hard lmao.
    I punched my computer hahahha

    Has anyone else Rage Quit/ Raged Before?
    How bad was it?

    Was it anything like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YersIyzsOpc ?
    Please Share :)
  2. Heard of fire resistance potion?
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  3. If you ever hear me IRL when reporting a hacker, then you'll know the answer is yes.

    I may or may not yell at my laptop, at the person, at Fraps for not working, and pretty much everything else.
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  4. Defo :( if you want a clue to what happeNed look at my name
  5. I'm raging right now!
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  6. I rage when people frustrate me. but not too bad :p. ask shon14 he will tell you I rage XD
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  7. I raged when I lost 4 wither skulls and god armor to lava when I died a few blocks from spawn. Then I quit EMC for a few days.
  8. I raged when I was on my Survival world, and I found a huge ravine. Then I died. I raged so much, I deleted that world...
  9. Your asking this? Anyone who has ever played Minecraft has raged at least once.
  10. I raged when I went into the wild, and had everything I ever owned in my inven. I then died to a skelly while stuck in a two block deep hole of stone.
  11. When I feel threatened, I will rage at the person until the threat is neutralised. In the case of someone laughing at me, I will tell them to stop laughing and interrogate them on why they believe they're in a position to ridicule me, and order an apology. In the case of someone denouncing me, I will order that they explain that hypothesis and back it up with plausible evidence otherwise I will have to disregard their claim as unreliable.

    I'm all about getting things done.
  12. I have raged. In a kit vip server, im a donater, and thus i get perks. Guess what I get from others? "TEAM ON THE DONOR HES OPPPPPP!!!!!"

    And i loose because i got 3v1'ed.
    I was not happy.
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  13. Probably when I first died, lol :p
  14. Yeah. I've raged. It's gotten me banned before.
  15. I just wanted everyone's input...
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  16. Several times, but the most I've ever raged on Minecraft was when me and my friend were on this faction server, and we had a pretty nice base up, we had an underground farm in the mountain we were on, I had my own little area around there, there was an underground pool, we had a giant wall around the base, we had a quarry with platforms going down it, and we had a tower that was our HQ. We go on one day and he's flipping, and I make my way up there, I see everything completely gone, save for the floating locked chests where the tower used to be.

    Let's just say that if I had a swear jar, that thing would have soooooooo much money in it.
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  17. 1. Not me, but my friend's cousin's brother would rage hardcore when playing Minecraft. Whenever he died, he would rage for a good ten minutes, delete his world, and start again, no matter what he built.

    2. I rage whenever I get killed by a stupid way in TF2, or I will just sit there, look at the screen, and ask myself, "What the bloody hell just happened?"
  18. Let's just say that I died by enderman with a dragon egg in hardcore.
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  19. Everytime I turn on my Xbox to play COD I rage :p

    Minecraft doesnt make me rage though.
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