Hashhog's Two Year EMC Quiz of Death and Impossibility

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  1. Hashhog3000's EMC Quiz of Death and Impossibility

    First Place - slash14459 (26 points)
    Headless Horseman Mask
    Holiday Candle
    Dragon Stone Fragment (x3)
    Second Place - haastregt (24.1 points)
    Remembrance Poppy
    Haunted Candy (x5)
    Third Place - Qwerty189 (22.6 points)
    Vault Voucher

    Winners will receive prizes in 24 hours. :)
    Quiz Questions/Answers

    1. Name two former staff members who share the first nine letters of their names (capitalization does not matter).
    Answer: GameKribJEREMY, GameKribJim
    2. Name three EMC items that have no lore, attributes, or enchantments.
    Answer: Answers include Shiny Flesh, Shiny Arrow, RainbowChin PVP Head, Netherhound, Super Dragon Poop, Dragon Poop, Not Special Dirt, Instructions, and so on. Lots of options here!
    3. The first promotional event using the /promo command was what?
    Answer: The 1.6 horse promo
    4. Fill in the blanks of this well-known ban reason: BOLONGA SANDWICH ______ PURPLE
    Answer: SHOE, CAR
    5. A large toilet, built by shaunwhite1982, is located on what special/official Empire residence?
    Answer: /fun or Empire Amusement Park were acceptable.
    6. When the 60k items first came out, how much did it cost to buy a full set of 60k items?
    Answer: 48,000 rupees
    7. What were GloriousKoch's two previous usernames? List the older username first.
    Answer: GameKribJEREMY, IcecreamCow
    8. Which well-known outpost, started by Belchmaster, eventually was recreated in a second version?
    Answer: Endertopia
    9. Which staff member/former staff member could access the old SMP1 Admin Lounge from his/her residence?
    Answer: JustinGuy was the one I was looking for, but I would also accept the owner of the Town Spawn, Aikar.
    10. The original maze tutorial was mainly made of this block.
    Answer: Sandstone
    11. Krysyyjane9191 wears her special ______ Armor during her PVP battles.
    Answer: Timelord
    12. Who created The Pit in the SMP4 spawn?
    Answer: chickeneer
    13. Before the color of a Developer's name was color code &9, it was briefly color code ______
    Answer: &b
    14. Name an EMC item which has a name in color code &8.
    Answer: Hershey Syrup Helmet.
    15. Before the Contribution Team was called the Contribution Team, it was the ______ Team.
    Answer: Wiki
    16. What is the topic of the longest thread on the EMC forums?
    Answer: Last Light Outpost. SMP7 Jungle Outpost, the title of the thread, was also accepted.
    17. Name three staff members or former staff members that were staff, took a break from the team, and then became staff again at some point in their career.
    Answer: Answers include Torian42, AlexChance, Green_Mystery, and EdmundWayne.
    18. Which two players came up with the idea of the Empire Games and were awarded honorary medals for this?
    Answer: xothis_dwarf, Icelightning99
    19. During April Fools on 2014, many players appeared/eventually appeared as this mob.
    Answer: Zombie
    20. IcecreamCow, Deathtomb8953, ______, and OrigamiJoe posted a Let's Play series about the 1.7 Update on the forums.
    Answer: TehSpiders. ISMOOCH was also accepted because he eventually joined the series and became a major "character."
    21. Where were you able to find the second flag added to the Empire Flag Shop?
    Answer: On top of spawn. This was the Canadian flag.
    22. Whose heads are in the mouth of the Empire Shop sphinx?
    Answer: krysyyjane9191, ignoramoose
    23. This fictional, joke time zone is used to describe the estimated time of release of an EMC feature or event that is likely to be late: ______ Time
    Answer: Aikar Time
    24. The original tutorial was originally located under what old building?
    Answer: The old Empire shop
    25. On what server might you find a small room containing a TV within a Frontier spawn area?
    Answer: SMP4
    26. Name two swords released as promotional items and two swords released as event items.

    Answer: For promotional, Flaming Mob Launcher, Turkey Slicer, Freedom Blade. For event, Arena Blades, 2014 Turkey Slicer, Sword of Udder Justice, Community Defender.
    27. How many rupees did an Original Dragon Egg owner get when they sold one of the first dragon eggs to EMC in exchange for an Original Dragon Egg and the extra normal eggs?
    Answer: 1 rupee.
    28. The player that originally modeled the YouTuber title in the launch thread was ______
    Answer: Electric_Hamster
    29. What was EMC's original name before it was Empire Minecraft?
    Answer: KribKraft
    30. Who was the first person to use the Developer title? Aikar doesn't count. :p
    Answer: hatorijr
    31. I want to get to the Frontier, but I can't remember how to spell Frontier and am too
    lazy to find portals. What's another command I can use to get there?
    Answer: /wild
    32. How many Arena Longbows are there in existence?
    Answer: 2
    33. What company (belonging to Aikar) owns EMC?
    Answer: Starlis LLC
    34. Name two types of spawn eggs that may be found in the form of special EMC items. For example, a zombie egg and a pig egg. This does not mean to list two random items that are spawn eggs, just list two different kinds of mob spawn eggs that exist as EMC items.
    Answer: I just gave up trying to explain this one, so I accepted it if you either listed horse egg and wolf/Netherhound egg or if you listed two special animals (Rudolph, Valens, etc.)
    35. Residences are numbered in a systematic way/format. What is this systematic way?
    Answer: Rings around spawn.
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  4. Answers to almost all of these questions can be found in-game/on the forums. (in really old threads)
    Please do not bump these old threads.
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