Harsher Punishments for Using 'Caps'

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Harsher Punishments for Using 'Caps?'

Yes 41 vote(s) 44.6%
No 27 vote(s) 29.3%
I don't mind, it doesn't effect me. 24 vote(s) 26.1%
  1. So you go on a server for around 20 minutes, and you're almost always gonna see someone typing in caps and saying a quick 'sorry' after it. This REALLY annoys me.

    In some cases they repeat themselves, multiple times. I report it when they do, to find they don't even get kicked, or banned. And in a different scenario yesterday, when someone was using rude language in caps, they didn't even get banned (or kicked) either.

    I also see new members, typing in caps, asking 'HW DO I CLIM A RESidence!' if no one replies. This obviously means they didn't read the Empire Guide, and just guessed their way through the tutorial.

    What I'm trying to say here is that there should (or I think there should) be more harsher punishments for using caps - instead of kicking - maybe something like taking rupees away for every offence? Or just simply a 1 hour ban?

    I also think I've missed out other cases, but I think you get the point.

  2. How about just banning caps in the chat. Would that cause any problems? Or making it so that if most of your post in the chat is caps it would post it in lowercase.
  3. Is it rlly that big of a deal and yes resonisble mods warn people its like this "HEY IM USING CAPS LOLOLOLOL"
    a mod suohld say stop and if the coninue then they get kicked and the server some times fills up b4 the can join so is it that big of a deal
  4. Great idea, if it's possible I think caps shouldn't be allowed at all. Maybe just a different way of emphasising.

    Yeh i fink it is that bg a deal. I only see them get kicked if a mod is online, or by d1223m and RobbieJo.. Maybe more.
  5. omg you responed super fast
    and is it rlly a big deal if they keep on using caps the just type /ignore [player name]
    if it bothers u that much
  6. It really is a big deal nikko. When someone is yelling, it is generally unpleasant, and that is the origin of the no caps rule. Personally, when someone says "I CANT BUILD ANYWHERE SOMEONE HELP" I interpret in my head as that person yelling in everyone's face because they are impatient and did not take the time to read the rules. Oftentimes it is a mistake, capslock is quite close to the A key and i understand when someone says that. But if someone takes advantage of apologizing, simply saying "oh sorry" because the server reprimands them and then continues to post caps every once in a while, in my opinion they are breaking the rules.
  7. I think that the punishments for using caps should be harsher. But caps should be allowed for the purpose of catching rule breakers and punishing them before they move on and do worse stuff (such as cussing or griefing.)
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  8. And using the ignore command is just giving them more of an ability to keep using caps and annoy playes who have no knowledge of the /ignore command or players who do not want to use it.
  9. And my point is proved. ^^^ Immature people like this are the reason that harsher punishment should be added so they stop spamming, capping and just nd just being annoying in general.
  10. Just apply for a mod then kick them your self
  11. I agree. I know some people actually DO do it on accident, but a lot of the time they are doing it on purpose because they know that if they say "Sorry" after nothing will be done and they get to talk in caps.
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  12. Spamming in the forums should result in an in-game punishment if it already doesn't.
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  13. I am on your side its not a big deal its just bigger letters
  14. Very true, also, I don't like using the /ignore because maybe they'll have something important to say later on?

    Maybe I will apply soon. :) And also I hate it when they use 100 '!', to me it's like the same as shouting.

    I suppose that's true, yes, but maybe /report is for that? I think mods HAVE to act if someone's griefing.

    I COMPLETELY agree with this, my main reason of hating, escpecially it when people
  15. Well, my method was generally...

    1 Offense = Kick
    2 Offense = 10 Minute Ban
    3 Offense = 2 Hour Ban
    4 Offense = 2 Day Ban

  16. ANd if they spam the chat system already kicks them.
  17. My side is the harsher punishment side Nikko. It's annoying and an eyesore in a chat that already gets spammed with shop ads and people carrying on conversations they should be having in local. Normally I tune it out or remind them not to use caps, but it isn't really my job to have to regulate them and I don't want to have to turn off chat just to get peace.
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  18. Crazy y arnt u mod no more????
  19. Pretty much, yes.

    Also, no need to post multiple times in a row; you can just edit your previous post. :)
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  20. Not to be rude, but you're probably one of the ones that talks in caps and otherwise "pushes" the rule boundaries.