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  1. Oh dang, I'd forgotten about this thread! I'm taking the camera when we go on our trip to Arkansas next week, so I'll be sure to get lots of cool pics, be sure to check in and see 'em :D
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  2. I lied! Car photos first. I must show off our braaand new(ly polished, it's actually over a year old, shhhh) Mustang :D

    All in all it took us 6 hours to wash, claybar, polish, wax, and vacuum the dang thing. Worth it though. Even though it's got flaws, it's well loved and quite gorgeous, if I do say so myself :p
  3. That car is so clean that you can eat off of it! haha
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  4. Lake photos, as promised!

    Some aren't the greatest. Some have weird light. I was more focused on the fun aspect than the photography aspect, but I did get a few I'm quite proud of.

    To begin with, the thing we're all wanting the most of - firework photos! Our neighbors on the lake had quite an amazing show to give us, but they launched them too early :( but here's what I've got from what we saw. I kinda wish we'd gone out in the center of the lake to watch the show before he set them all off... but if we'd done that, I couldn't have brought the good camera.

    Of course.... gotta include the dog. The lighting on this is also a bit weird but I'm honestly quite proud of it still. (Just wish I'd gotten a bit of a better photo.)

    As the spoiler is titled.... this is the sunset on the lake. (Also me trying to figure out shutter speed/aperture nonsense. Probably could've done it better, but I was prepping for the fireworks.)

    This was just what you could see off the porch. I didn't take the camera on the boat for fairly obvious reasons. This is a pretty high dollar camera and I can't afford to replace it if it were to get wet or dropped. It's a crying shame that I didn't get any photos of the gorgeous lake we were on from the boat though. Perhaps next time with my own camera.

    I had SO much fun but I didn't get to take many photos of it all. (Most of it was on the water, anyway.) I figured out I'm apparently an expert tuber and it's a ton of fun to go kneeboarding and just chill without even getting up off your stomach. My cousin and I swam about a mile pretty casually, too, which was so cool. It's amazing how far you can get with just kicking/occasionally actually using my arms and a life jacket. (I wore it because I was lazy, not because I can't swim. I also had it because it's a law that when you're tubing you have to wear one.)

    We were in a gorgeous area on one of the prettiest lakes I've ever seen. The water was incredibly clear for a lake after all the flooding this part of the nation has had in the last few months. (though it's definitely green, as you can see in the photos, lol.)

    Definitely will go back if we're invited again. And hopefully this time I'll be brave enough to take my phone and take actual pics of on the lake!

    In a few days I'll be posting the photos from the scenic drive home as well. I took a couple since we took the Talimena drive back home, and there's stops about every mile or so, each more gorgeous than the last. It was so incredibly green it looked like Hawaii.
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  5. The drive home! This'll be short and sweet, I didn't get to take all that many during that 7 hour drive.

    I'll put these in a spoiler but there really isn't a need for categories... they're all basically the same.

    All of these were taken on the Talimena drive, from Mena AR to Talihena OK. It goes through the Ozarks (I think, anyway) and is quite beautiful. It started to rain in the distance, you can see it in at least one of the photos.

    The mountains were extremely green due to the excessive amounts of rain we've had this spring/summer. It was really cool to see in such an expansive place. You can't even tell it was 95 degrees out there. (Heat index of over 100 since it was very humid.)

    We left the camera in Arkansas, unfortunately, so I only was able to take pictures on my phone. :( Hope you enjoy though!

    (Also, we did get the camera back - my other cousin was coming home shortly after we did, and he grabbed the camera and took it home. He lives like, 45 minutes from me so it worked out pretty well.)
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  6. dem legs tho
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  7. Shhhhhhhhh
  8. lol
  9. Hm, I was going to check out these two latest sets, but I am having trouble finding a good way to view them. While they're in the spoiler, they're too small, but once you click them they become way too big for my screen. I was opening them all in new tabs, but then you can't read the text that's with them.
    Does anyone have a good method? :/
  10. Watch them on a screen that is positioned so that it is wider than it's tall, and zoom in a bit so the pictures become (nearly) full screen. Then scroll/move down. :) Moving your face closer to the screen also helps. :p
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  11. That works!

    Nice pictures, Harp! I love this one.
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