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  1. Reviving a forum I haven't seen much from in a while!

    Recently I've sorta gotten into photography, so I played with different settings on my phone and it turns out, it's actually a fairly decent camera. Granted, I much prefer my dad's camera, but since I can't get the pics off of that without it being a humongous pain in the butt, most of these will be taken from a phone.

    I did use filters for most (and yes, two of them are Instagram filters... I liked how those turned out so I figured why not?), but there's a couple filterless ones.

    Enough said. Picture time!!

    I took those while it was POURING and we had to go somewhere... Mom almost stalled the van driving through way-too-deep water :eek:

    The tree in my front yard turns the most beautiful colors in autumn... and my mom always insists on taking pictures of her violin in the leaves. I really liked how these turned out.

    Just one here. The sunset was really beautiful one night, so I took a picture.

    I was taking a walk in my neighborhood, and as it turns out, it was the best time for fall foliage - so I got quite a few here.

    These are from a few weeks ago... record breaking snow for that date! I thought it was so pretty how the red leaves peeked out from under snow. (Also, a frozen [and dying] rose as a bonus :p)

    Yup. This, my friends, is chocolate lasagna. The best dessert to ever be dreamed of. You can't change my mind.

    Sorry for this enormous post! I probably should've split it up into different posts, come to think of it... oh well :p

    Sooner or later, I'm going to get some of my pics off of my dad's camera. If I remember right, it's only more autumn snow pics.. but still, that camera is pretty great, so they do look a bit better.

  2. :O I love this! My favorite picture is probably the autumn leaves :D
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  3. Oh my, this is very nice! I like how you took some of the photos up close and others were taken from a distance, it helps keep the viewer interested! :D

    For a moment, I thought you were living in my mom's neighborhood when she was younger! However, once I saw the snow, I knew that it was impossible since we don't get snow where I live. XD

    I'm even more impressed that the quality of the photos are not shaky rather they are crystal clear. (I know handheld phones can be hard to hold still at some times. :) )

    The image clarity of the photos is so sharp that I think I accidentally cut my eyes by looking at them. lol
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  4. Lol, snow is so rare here, especially in November! It could be the same neighborhood.. stranger things have happened!

    And thank you! I'll take that compliment. I laughed at the last part.
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  5. Thanks for these, I really enjoyed them. :)
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  6. Nice pictures, cool! :) I love those sunsets, I wish the camera on my phone was a tad better at capturing those properly... oh well. :)

    You got me hungry again, let's get some food. :p
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  7. I actually adjusted the color a bit, since it really didn't do it justice with its automatic color... If you've got a Samsung, you just swipe from left to right, I think? and hit "pro", then you can adjust lots of things from there!

    And thank you! That's one of the things I'll miss about where I live if I ever move from here... we have incredibly beautiful sunsets that are easily captureable (that's not a word) because of how flat it is.

    Also, I still have some chocolate lasagna left from Thanksgiving... lol. That stuff is absolutely delicious. 10/10, will make again :D
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  8. Ah, editing, yeah that helps. :p I don't edit my pictures, because I'm lazy, don't know how, don't like to, and feel like they are more real when not edited. Though perhaps sometimes the edit can make the real that was unrealed (that's definitely a word :p) by the camera come back.

    I sometimes wish my house was angled slightly more westerly, because that way I would see the sun go down more often. Now it usually just slides past and I don't notice. :p Sometimes I do notice though, and it's beautiful then. :) Beautiful sunsets and sunrisings (why is that not one word) are the best. :D A couple of weeks ago or so there also were a couple of days on which the sun and sky were stunning while cycling to school. Was a pity I had to look forwards in order not to crash. :p

    Now I'm even more hungry... now let's get some food for real. :p
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  9. I think she didn't mean she edited it post-capture, but rather adjusted the settings before taking the picture. :)
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  10. Exactly! I was on my phone when I saw his post and didn't feel like responding on my phone, then I forgot... whoops. ;)
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  11. It's still sort of editing, though more "acceptable" with me. :p I don't do it because 1: effort, and 2: my camera app doesn't have such capabilities unfortunately. :p If it did though, I probably would fix the colours in such more special shots of suns going down or up (which is pretty much the only occasion on which I notice the colours being eh), but alas, it doesn't have that option. :p To be fair, my phone is from 2015 and not using the newest OS (because it SUCKS), and I'm still really happy with the great pictures it takes. :) I should probably do one of these threads too, but I worry about my pictures being taken and public and so, which is the main thing holding me back from doing so. Oh well. Let's just enjoy your pictures for now - have any more? :D
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  12. I might! Now that I actually remember at a time I have wifi, I'll get em off my phone...
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  13. What do you worry about? I'm sorry, but this is very unclear. :p
  14. If I plop them on the internet anyone can take them and use them. I don't want that to happen.
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  15. That's what I supposed, okay. Of course 'can' is possibility here, not permission. ;)
  16. I meant to show the pics I got off my phone, but I never got around to it.... I'll try to remember later today.
  17. Oh! I don't know why I didn't see this earlier, lol. I had already seen quite a few of these from discord, but you have a very nice collection going here. Keep it up! ;)
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  18. Today's dump.... Prepare yourselves!!

    Only three categories... I'm too lazy to do more spoilers than that.

    Roses my dad got for my mom for her birthday... this was taken on my old phone, thus the awful quality, but I did like how it turned out regardless.

    These are all from my vacation in November 2017... I'm not sure if I've shared these or not, but there they are! I loved both hikes we went on, and found some pretty neat things along the paths, such as the tree stump. (Yes, that was pine - a pretty old one, too, it looked like it'd fallen across the path and the people maintaining the paths had cut it so it didn't block it.)

    This one's also from my November 2017 trip. There was a firepit at the cabin we were staying at, so we lit it up and cooked some s'mores. And got some fire pics. (Looking back, I guarantee I could get a better picture than this now as I didn't realize you could change the color to be more accurate... oh well. I like how it turned out anyway.)

    This was also taken on my old phone. That's actually a triple rainbow, and you could see the third rainbow muuuch better irl, but you can sorta see a tiiiiny little bit of it if you look hard enough.

    I have no idea what this fish was but it looks so curious!

    This is pretty awful quality, but hey, what can you get in a really dark shark tunnel.

    Curious puffer fish!

    Enjoy! :D
  19. I finally got some of the photos I've taken off of my dad's camera!

    It's a Nikon D5600, for anybody interested. I still haven't entirely figured it out, but I did manage to change aperture and shutter speed for moon photos...

    I wish I hadn't gotten my brother's old car in the photo, but oh well :rolleyes:

    It actually snowed a good bit in early January, I got some pretty good photos from it! It was pretty darn icy that day, too. Makes for some really pretty trees....

    The eclipse photo is fairly blurry, but I still like it. Then one day I saw an abnormally large moon in a really good spot and decided to take photos of it.

    More pics of the autumn snow! 'Nuff said.

    I took this of a little Christmas decoration we have. (I also have another photo from my phone, but I like this one best because we added some stuff to it, for one, and for two it's better quality.)

    I'm sad, imgur sorta destroys the quality of most of these... oh well. Only so much you can do, I suppose...
  20. That’s amazing CHIKEN Milk!