Happy Valentine's Day EMC!

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  1. Cupid has landed. Type /promo cupid to get your own Cupid Bundle bonus chest.
    Inside you will find the following:
    • Cupid
    • Cupid's Bow
    • 5 Stacks of Cupid's Arrows
    Then get out and share the love!

    You can also buy replacement Cupid's Bows at /shop for 10k for a limited time if you share the love too much :p
  2. Awesome!! Thanks!
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  3. Happy Valentine's Day!
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  4. Not first
    *edit* close...
  5. Lovely! No pun intended. :p
  6. Yay, looks awesome, thanks so much :D Happy Valentines Day all <3
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  7. Who were the 10 winners? Just wondering
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  8. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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  9. I can't decide whether to open these or not :(
  10. Amazing! Thanks a ton!
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  11. Promo buying mode activated! Much love! <3
  12. im not opening mine XD
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  13. Just gonna... not open the chests. Ever. Gonna love the chests.
  14. Free Admin Love.......
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  15. Happy Valentines Day !
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  16. Will have to get on and get my promo ;)
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  17. I was getting worried there wouldnt be a promo :eek:
  18. Happy Valentines day! Thank you!
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