Happy Pride Month!

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  1. June is more than just our Flag Month. With the month of June drawing to a close, we have one special flag added to the flag shop.
    You can now purchase the PRIDE FLAG!!!

    Visit your smp flag shop at /v spawn@flags to get yours!

    Happy Pride Month!

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  2. Hot dog!!! Some colorful addition.
  3. Oh thats really awesome :) Nice work!
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  4. Ooh, I'm really liking this flag! :D
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  5. Yay, Will buy this one For sure!

    Maybe a Trans Flag as well? :D
  6. LGBT
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  7. You forgot the Q :eek:

    And i mean the Trans Flag its self, hehe

    Also this now matches my LGBTQ Rainbow that took me 9 hours to make in photo shop, :D
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  10. May i suggest ability to buy say 5 flags at once for all flags? 1 at a time seems to be a pain.
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  11. Awesome! I really dig this one :D Thank you for this addition ( and for the other flag additions this month of course ! )
  12. Well technically she forgot the TQQIAA and P
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  13. Nooiice! Thanks Krysyy!
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  14. I think this is the way things are being gone about because... let's face it. There are a LOT of identities now, and if we did one for trans, surely we'd have to do one for bi, and pans... The list is very long and it just wouldn't be a good thing to flood the flag shop with those sorts of things. Saying that to say, this flag is meant to reference all pride, even if the flag itself has shifted to be used more particularly with gay and less with all of the LGBTQ+ (however, note that the pride flag is indeed meant to stand for all).

    EDIT: "Those sorts of things" was not meant to be insulting at all. I myself am bisexual, I have no reason to be negative about this at all. I am just tired and not good at English'ing, forgive me, lol.

    I'm sure there's some mapmaker out there who would love to make you a trans flag though.. ;)
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  15. My deepest thanks to Krysyy and the others for this flag!

    So what cool shop owner wants to take on the task of creating more flags? I myself would also like a Trans flag, and maybe a Pan flag...
  16. Rainbow! :D
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  17. I (might) do it for cash
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  18. I will definitely get a flag as I am bisexual myself.

    Thanks Krysyy!
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  19. I am heterosexual myself, but what's wrong with bisexuals/trans/whatever else? I think I'll buy a flag :D
    Edit: "whatever else" sounds a little rude, sorry :p
  20. is there going to be a promo today?