Happy New Year 2020!

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  1. Happy New Year and New Decade!!!

    Grab our annual firework to celebrate in style with /promo 2020

    2019 was quite the year and we're looking forward to starting the new decade in 2020 with all of you. Big things are coming, including updating to 1.15 soon, so here's a toast to the great year that lies ahead!

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  2. The new year for good things to come
  3. Happy New Years everyone! Here's to a great 2020!
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  4. Prospero Año to everybody!
  5. Here's to a prosperous, brighter, blazing, blissful, and bug-squashing year! Definitely excited for the upcoming updates as most of you are.
    Happy New Year everyone! :D
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  6. Happy new year! And may it be the best one yet!
  7. Meanwhile there has been a banner at the top of the site for a while saying "1.14 Progress is underway but a very big update"

    So guess 1.14 is being skipped all together. lol
  8. Happy New Year! 2020 Wow how time flies :D
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  9. I might be confused here - but should this firework not say 2020 instead of 2019?
  10. It's a thing. It's right.
  11. Your confusion is right, it should say that indeed. If I remember correctly, the reason it doesn't is that the original firework from 2013 says 2012, instead of 2013. From there it was decided to keep the years as they were, as to not have to recreate the promo or do weird stuff and possibly have the old ones remain, as happeneed with the 2013 (?) EMC birthday cake. :)
  12. Yes, technically like a New Years Eve firework, or the last day of 2019!
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  13. But there's no apostrophe in the name. ;)
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  14. Lazy phone texting :D
  15. Oh, but I checked in-game, it is actually that way!
  16. No matter what, one day the bees will come. Bee Nation is unstoppable.

    You're walking in the woods
    There's no one around and your phone is dead
    In the faintest depths of your ears you hear it:
    Buzzy LaBuzz

    Happy New Year EMC! Let's make it a great one.
  17. any more specifics on this :p