Happy Labor Day and Discord Update - 9/4/2023

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  1. Hey all, chickeneer here. Happy Labor Day, I hope you have enjoyed it!

    This morning I turned on a promo for labor day with /promo laborday23. With this command you can claim one of our labor workbenches for free. The others are available, as always, in the /shopworld.

    In addition to a lot of bug fixes. I also have included an update to the EMC discord!

    I have added a new in-game chat channel. The Discord channel! This channel is linked to the EMC Discord. You may only use this if you have linked your EMC account to your Discord account.
    You can access this new channel using /chat discord.

    A lot of the details about linking is in the announcement thread from last December here: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/1-19-3-and-discord-update.86727/

    A reminder for those that may not want to see this new channel. You can hide any channel at any time using the command /chat hide <channel>.

    There are a few bugs in the deployed code. Let me know if you notice anything not working properly. We continue to try and improve the experience of EMC. :)
  2. The Discord part is the best thing ever made. :) :) :)
  3. I think it's a solid 3rd place when it comes to best things ever made, following Alfredo sauce and penicillin (in that order).
  4. Bring Alfredo sauce and penicillin to EMC
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  5. i think this is a cool idea for promos going forward in the future chicken, i appreciate your chicken-labor-ness
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  6. YOO I was wondering if linking discord chat would ever be a thing, I figured it wouldn't be on EMC. I have that set up on a server I admin for my school and it's very cool. Can't wait to be able to chat from my phone!
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  7. Can someone explain to an old guy what all the hype is around linking discord chat to EMC chat? Why use discord if EMC already has a perfectly functioning chat system? If you type something into discord does it show up in EMC chat? If that's how it works why not just use EMC chat?

    Obviously, I don't use discord and that's why I'm not seeing the reasoning.

    Edit: maybe PM me so as to not ruin this thread. Thank you.
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  8. It is a dedicated in-game chat channel which bridges with a text channel on Discord.

    So you can chat to people on Discord from in-game. And to people in game from Discord (without being online).
    Strictly speaking, you are right that it isn't needed. It is just a nice addition
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  9. To make this even more clear, you don't have to have minecraft launched to talk in EMC chat. For me why this is exciting is that I could talk to someone who's logged into EMC while I'm on my phone far far away from my computer or any way to log into minecraft, Like on my lunch break at work or while I'm board in a car. I am very excited xD

    (ignoring things like minechat exist, I have always been a little sus of giving them my login)
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  10. well stated. i never gave my login info to minechat, etc. either lol. sketch
  11. Thank you for the Discord-linked channel addition. That'll surely become a fine feature and it's very convenient for both parties!