1.19.3 and Discord Update

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  1. Tonight EMC is now running the 1.19.3 Minecraft version. Additionally we are releasing a feature update that has been in progress for several months: Discord Integration!

    We now have a code link between the EMC game servers and the EMC discord.
    Many of the new features to this are on the Staff side of things, but there are a few player benefits. The months of work enables us to easily add new Discord integration features in the future with low effort. Feel free to make suggestions on what you would like to see!
    • Supporter status is now synchronized with Discord. Your Iron/Gold/Diamond supportership will show up on Discord.
    • The in-game Supporter chat channel is now a Discord chat-channel. So supporters can now live chat with players in-game and vice-versa!
    • Updated some staff tools to give us Discord notifications and interactions.
    So how do I start using this discord stuff?
    In-game, you will need to type the command. /discord verify.
    Then somewhere in a discord text channel. You will need to type /verify <code>.
    (where <code> is the code that you are given in-game).

    NOTE: That you need to be typing a command. If you type it in as a message, the verification code will be invalidated. We will be working to improve this behavior when possible.

    If you ever wish to sever the discord link. Simply run the in-game command /discord removelink.

    The stability of this update is unknown and I expect the discord link to break at some point. I did extensive testing of the discord update on my local test setup, so hopefully there will be no issues!

    Note. That EMC's 1.19.3 does not include the experimental changes for 1.20. Those will be released when we update to 1.20. The 1.20 update is also when we will next do a wastelands reset.

    Also, if you have not seen my recent thread EMC Roadmap.
    If you have suggestions about this Discord Update. Put them here.
  2. lol cool! just got my 1.19.2 mods up and running from 1.19 and then just saw this as i got the update error when trying to rejoin... derp. coolio :D

    you rock <3
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  3. Coolio hoolio
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  4. Woohoo! Thanks for all of your hard work, chicken. I'm really excited about the new Discord stuff. :D
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  5. I appreciate the update but why the rush lol?
  6. To clarify on the Minecraft side of the update, is it correct that no new mobs or blocks are available in 1.19.3 ?
    This update was to keep up with Mojang's release so that the newest game could connect?
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  7. I've never used Discord because I'm not setup with video and audio so I don't know much about it. One question though is if I'm in game and there are a few players using Discord and one of them uses chat to talk to the other's and the other players repond using voice will I just see one side of the conversation? Only from the player using chat?
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  8. Discord is mostly similar to slack if you have used that software before. When you join a group (EMC’s discord in this situation), you join a “hub” of chat channels. These include a “general” channel, closest relative is “Community Chat” in-game. These are text channels and it’s a way to be more easily connected with other server members, (for example if you have an issue with connection, replies for help there are usually faster than forums.)

    You can join voice channels whenever you want, but they are mostly active during /events. These voice channels have the same settings as zoom. Firstly no-one really uses video, (you don’t have to share your face with the world if you don’t want to.)

    You can also do the college-during covid situation - only be in mute (hehe not fun times for a class when everyone didn’t want to unmute) - this means hear what others are saying, but replyin chat channels either in Discord or in-game.

    Although possible in the future with help of mods aswell, proximity talk is not setup. So most of the time, people will have full convos either in discord or Minecraft. Sometimes in events, people who dont want to unmute, will reply in-game, but you can hear the other side of the convo by just joining muted. If you don’t want to talk or don’t have a mic.

    What is this update actually doing? It created the code to add further features, but main thing is account verification. It does not mean discord is hearing what you are saying when you play. … I have the Tuqueque account in Discord, and a Tuqueque account in Minecraft. Now the system knows that it is actually me, and not some random impersonator.

    For supporter-chat it is different. You are able to chat from discord into-the game, via texting.
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  10. What rush? Did the OP look incomplete before?

    I was not expecting any Discord chat integration. Nice idea to do it like this, though! A curious supporter perk, and little chance of spam.
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  11. I’m just butt hurt about my map markers being gone lol
  12. Tonight with the reboot. A ton of bugs are going to be fixed. Here are the patch notes on those fixes.
    • Local chat is fixed.
    • Fix formatting issues with /tell messages - the name of receiver issue.
    • Added a /userinfo discord command that tells you who that person is in-game.
    • Add a warning message to users that switch to supporter chat who do not have discord linked. (Warning them that their messages will be propagated to Discord)
    • Fixed an erroneous error message when you try to remove a subzone.
    • Changed the indicator from (#) to -D that a message is coming from Discord.
    • Re-add the -V indicating the staff member is Vanished while chatting.
    • Fixed a discord linked channel issue where an in-game message tries to send an empty discord webhook message (causing an error)
    • Fixed an issue with the /event world teleporting.
    • Hopefully fix supportership linking for newly supported users on Discord. (It is refreshing too early, before the group has fully changed in-game and thus working on a cached version)
    • Give a discord avatar url matching a players skin if they have not linked their discord yet.
    • Add a smart Discord ping from in-game. You just type @name. And it will ping them in discord ONLY if they have chatted on the discord side in the last 30 minutes.
    Remember to suggest any additions/changes you would like to see here
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  13. well it's bit cool to see those interesting idea on emc. would be try out soon-ish
  14. Is there any work being done to possibly allow for export of shop transactions to a .csv file or some other way to better visualize financials?
  15. That is not currently planned. Nor can I think of a time that it has been suggested before now formally
  16. Interesting. My thinking was only to better manage multiple shops and pricing to ensure items are selling and maintaining competitive pricing
  17. I also don't recall this being posed as a suggestion. It's not strictly necessary, as shavingfoam showed with his EMC Shopkeeper tool. It does require more coding than it would if there was an export as csv option.
  18. Reposting my question, as it seems to have been overlooked
  19. I skimmed past https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_1.19.3, and it doesn't look like it (nor would I expect any).