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  1. So not everyone needs to make their own thread. Reply here if you have ideas!

    One idea I want to implement is a way to report an issue to staff that creates a private thread between yourself and all of the staff team. This is helpful as on the forums you may not know who to message (who is online). Or the staff member online may not be available to help for several hours. Also allows for a discussion to happen for follow-up questions and stuff.

    Note: As mentioned in the original update post. The sky is the limit. The hardest work is already done with the integration. A lot of small things like commands will be easy to add-in because the bot is already fully communicating between in-game and the discord.
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  2. A /who would be useful as well. To see who you can talk to (for discord users to know who is online in the server)
  3. I think in the past couple years I saw supporter chat used maybe 4 or 5 times, and even those who had supporter recently weren't even aware it existed....because if nobody's saying anything in community chat, why would they say it in supporter?

    Naturally will have to see how things play out in the days to come, but I think paywalling the Discord integration is only going to result in nobody using it.
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  4. Thank you for the question/suggestion?

    I hear you. I saw an option to either get rid of supporter chat altogether (a valid option) or try something new.
    I think it is important that the default chat channel not be propagated to Discord.

    To a certain extent. Despite my extensive testing, I was legitimately concerned something was going to break with this update. I needed to get this initial update out in order to enable us doing the more stuff.

    I was already implementing channel linking for Staff #modchat. So it was actually no more work to add the supporter chat to test out.
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  5. Copy/Pasting DarkAngel suggestion (until they post here) “ so the supporter chat and the in-game chat is synced. My suggestion would be to use D to symbolize Discord in the in-game chat”
  6. Without any further context, I don't get this suggestion.
  7. It is talking about how community chat shows up as C-2 if you said it from smp2. So saying something in supporter chat from discord would show up as Sup-D.
  8. (Opt-in) A Discord DM to remind you to vote. I've always had problems with remembering to vote, and I currently rely on a different bot to DM me every 24 hours to remind me. It would be nice if EMCBot was smarter about it, providing a DM 16 hours after your last vote saying "You're eligible to vote now!" and maybe one after 36 hours saying "Have you remembered to vote yet today?"
  9. Not really a suggestion for the bot but rather one for the Discord server. Could the supporter role colours be changed to match the MC colours in-game?
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  10. I don't know if this is even wanted or needed but having the ability to /pay username via the support discord channel.. Say someone is on vacation and they still use the forums and win an auction. Instead of waiting until they can come back from vacation to pay for the winnings, why not just pay via discord.
  11. They were supposed to. Appears I accidentally did &b for Diamond instead of &3. Whoops.
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  12. This is a phenomenal suggestion!!
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  13. i like this idea alot!
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  14. While I feel like being able to run EMC commands from discord is an insecure method of doing so, I also see how it could be beneficial to some users.

    Like said previously, being able to pay rupees from discord could be helpful to those who are participating in auctions. From the winner's perspective, that would be amazing to have.

    From the host's perspective, they might have setup a subzone on their residence with the auction prize ready to go. When someone wins their auction, the host might not be available to get on the server to change permission for the subzone. I believe it could make sense to have this command available on discord, because on EMC, you don't even need to be in town to set permissions on your residence.
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  15. Another thing that would be nice for the chat bridge would be to filter out emojis. When some are sent from discord, they are sent as a unicode box which is very weird to see ingame. Most other emotes that aren't in the UTF-8 table, they are sent as the following:

    As you can see from above, the context of the emote can't be determined unless you remember the name of it from discord.
  16. I think a filter would create more confusion, and placeholders are less informative than the colon codes. If I understand correctly, emoji are not shown as colon codes but rather as ��? That is an issue, as staff has said before that people shouldn't use characters that show up as such, as they can't be monitored by staff.
  17. +1

    This idea is awesome. I can see it being adopted well, especially for those who are on Discord while at school or at work and cannot "login" for a simple payment. :)
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  18. I've been thinking of this for a few days, but maybe in-game bans could translate into discord. Of course this would depend on players being linked with discord.
  19. There is a policy currently that the ban transfers, but until we mandate the link, this won't have any teeth behind it