Happy Labor Day 2022!

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  1. Happy Labor Day 2022!
    It has been a few years since we released something for Labor Day since the Labor Bench was made continuously available in the /shopworld. So yesterday, I thought to myself: "Hey, there have been new workstations added which may be nice to have a Labor version." So, instead of adding them one by one - I decided to release them all at once!

    So as of today you can receive ONE by using the command /promo laborday22.
    Then you can buy any extras you want in the /shopworld.

    The /promo will be up for at least a month. They will stay in the /shopworld indefinitely.

    There are now 6 total Labor Items:
    • Labor Bench (Crafting Table)
    • Labor Cartography Table
    • Labor Grindstone
    • Labor Loom
    • Labor Smithing Table
    • Labor Stonecutter
    General Notes:
    -I plan to re-release this set of promos every year, so you may choose to wait to claim the others till next year when you can get it for free.
    -I recognize that a furnace labor item would be useful, but the ticking cook time that furnaces require is not ideal for a virtual bench item.
    -Similarly, a shulker box that opens virtually would be nice but I do not think it is a good fit for the Labor Bench series.

    I hope that you have an enjoyable holiday!
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  2. Happy Labor Day!!

    Thanks a bunch for all you do and thanks for the new items.
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  3. Working hard . . . at having fun!
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  4. Bang bang.
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  5. Hell. Yes. This is amazing.
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  6. Thanks Chickeneer great promos :)
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  7. Labor stonecutter :D
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  8. Happy Labor Day everyone!
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  9. Why add them all at once? I think the idea of one new one per year would have been a lot more fun. Both for this year and for the coming years.
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  10. Because these workplace blocks have been at least partially in the game for three years now. Maybe 3 years ago we could have released one at a time, but there isn't a reason to artificially delay it when people would find them useful now.
  11. I bet most will pick one they would use the most so gives all some options.
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  12. Thank you for the great promo idea!

    I don't even use the regular workplace blocks but I had to get one of each of these. I think I'm mesmorized by the wave of enchantment color running through my inventory bar.
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  13. Can we have Labor Command Blocks next year? :rolleyes:
  14. This is a great idea! What do you think of making them right-clickable in inventory? This way they could be used without needing to be in the quickbar? Regardless of that though, this is a great idea!!
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  15. Thank you! Time to go shopping! :)
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  16. How much is each?
  17. The Labor Bench is one of my most-used promos. Now I finally know what I've spent all these years on EMC saving my rupees for.

    Runs off to /shopworld
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  18. Why no labor enderchest?
  19. That's a fundamentally different thing. Who's to say we can't do that in the future?
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