Happy International Women's Day!

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Do You Think Women Deserve to Be Treated Like Queens?

Yes 7 vote(s) 30.4%
Yes 5 vote(s) 21.7%
YES! 19 vote(s) 82.6%
Yes 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Today We celebrate not only a holiday, but a Important Mark for All Women around the world.

    I would like to share a poem with you today, a poem where the inspiration, comes from You, Women.

    Womens Are...
    The Life Bearer's,
    The Soul Carriers;
    The Guardians of Life,
    The Warriors of Strife;
    The Wonders of Civilizations,
    The Humanity's Preservation;
    The Ultimate Hope,
    The Last Cope;
    Womens Are... Womens,
    Where All The Secrets Lies,
    Where All Sweetness in The World is;
    Their Hearts and Minds, Shape Our World,
    Their Hearts and Minds, Make Our World,
    Womens... One Word... Infinite Definitions.

    Also I wanted to send Special Thanks to all Female Staff Members on EMC.

    Aphaea (Thanks For Helping Me Out XD)

    And to prove my gratitude, I will be sending a special Item for all the Female Staff.

    I would like to say Thank You. Thank You All Women! Without You, I would be nothing, Without You, humanity would not have achieved so many great things. Without You, The World would not exist. Thank You! Thank You Very Much!

    NEVER EVER let a man be disrespectful with you! You Women deserve to be treated like Queens, EVERY SINGLE DAY of your lifes! I owe you my life and soul. Thank You!

    Happy International Women's Day!

  2. This deserves more recognition. :p

    Not only are women all of the things above, but many, many more. :)

    Now, of course, I'm not saying ONLY women should be treated like royalty. Everyone should be treated like royalty! Men as well.
  3. I would also like to thank Aikar, my favorite female staff member.
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  4. Thanks to you, I just laughed so hard I'm crying now. :p
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  5. Wanna know a woman who should be treated like royalty? This one:
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  7. Here's a picture that shows Soviet Women in World War II.
    These women were brave and deserve recognition!

    These women deserve to be treated as queens!

    Also I would say Queen Elizabeth is a symbol of the feminine power.
    Well... As the British says: God Save The Queen!
  8. No thread for Nation Men's Day (November 19th)?? :p
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  9. Men generally do not care lol :p

    Also it is November 19th, had to google it ;)
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  10. Whoops, that is the date it was created. Fixed ;)

    EDIT: It falls under No Shave November. Coincidence? I think not!
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  11. Well, it depends on how you'd treat queens.
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  12. So I guess a republic's treatment of royalty makes the 'treat women like royalty' line a degrading comment? :p
  13. You are thinking of Marie Antoinette or some of Henry VIII's wives?
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  14. Give Her flowers everyday, cook Her a nice dinner everyday, support Her, talk to Her, be hHr best friend... And most important love Her... Love like there was no tomorrow...
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  15. If inheritance is power, then you are spot on lol.
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  16. I'd like to point out many people's favorite female staff member: RainbowChin.
  17. Be Hermione Granger, not Bella Swan.
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  18. I am a Queen, you are all my subjects. NOW BRING ME TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First thing i will do is make a day where everyone gets free candy.
    But then again if i'm mom's little princess then she must be the queen.
    But shes away right now so you all have to deal with me, prepare to get sugar overload.
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  19. And also write her nice poems, like:
    Giggity giggity goo,
    I love you,

    (Yes, I'm the best poet ever, you don't need to tell me that ;))
  20. To be honest I'm not in favor of these kinds of days, and I'm quite proud / pleased to say that my gf feels the same way. This isn't just about women's day of course but all special days; valentine, mothers day, fathers day, girlfriend day, boyfriend day, etc, etc.

    The problem for me is that I think it's a bit "cheapish" (forgive the expression) to only concentrate on one day only. Each to his own but... It takes the suspense, the surprise and IMO the fun away.

    I don't buy my gf flowers or give her some nice things on valentines day because its valentines day. In fact; I didn't got her anything on valentines day.

    What I did do a few weeks ago was buying her some flowers and some candy because I was in a great mood and figured (while walking past a flower shop on the way to the bus) "well, those look good; why not?". The result was a total surprise.

    And it works both ways for us. Some time ago my gf figured that I would like a certain seasoned beer. So she simply bought it when getting her groceries, brought it with her during a weekend visit and just dumped it into my fridge, while wondering if I would spot it ;)

    That's the kind of things we enjoy; sporadic and random gifts.