Happy Independence Day 2021!

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  1. Happy 4th of July 2021 everyone!
    Put some Sparkle in your Independence Day.

    This year, we are bundling two promos in one. Claimable with /promo iday2021.

    This year we have added a new sparkler promo called the Liberty Torch. Right-clicking will activate a special sound effect while also activating the sparkle effect. The effect will continue until the sparkler is no longer in your hand (off-hand also works). There is a minimum cooldown use of 10 seconds. It is final, unplaceable, and soulbound.

    Bringing back a classic for another year of patriotic flare, the Independence Day Firework. This firework can be used repeatedly without being consumed and shoots off an array of red, white, and blue.

    Both items are available in /shopworld for 20,210 rupees each for anyone that desires extra.

    One final thing that is back are Freedom Steaks - LINK. Go out and butcher some cows and mooshrooms to feed your party guests.

    All of the above will be active for at least two weeks.

    Enjoy your 4th today! I hope to give an update on the status of 1.17 sometime this upcoming week.
  2. Oh. And a side note. I wrote the sparkler in a way that we may have other editions of the sparkler in the future. With other color options. To be determined at a future time!
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  3. Happy Independence Day America…
  4. Happy 245th birthday to the United States.

    Two of my great grandparents served alongside American soldiers in World War II - soldiers who were part of a military that didn't know how to properly fight against another industrialised country yet. Another one of my great grandparents moved from Dublin, Ireland to New York City when the US was 194 years old - the Civil War was just a century and five years ago at the time. It most likely didn't happen but he could have lived near someone who was born during the Civil War and lived until they were really old, the same way my grandparents were wains during/just after World War II and have Blitz stories/stories about the immediate aftermath. I live in an Irish city in England and have family who live in Northern Ireland - my parents grew up fearing terrorist attacks, my uncle was nearly killed in one, some of my family members were definitely members of Irish terrorist organisations... and then, just two years before I was born, the violence (mostly) stopped because of an agreement that was mediated, in part, by the USA (although you did arm my community against the British Army... but I dunno if I can be mad about that). It's amazing how young yet how influential the United States is.

    If you could just return the tea you dumped in that stupid harbour to me I'll gladly pose with an American flag draped around me on this star-spangled day thank you
  5. Happy Independence Day!:D
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  6. This is the best thing ever. Thank you for this! I have a suggestion, though. For items with a cooldown period, could the message "Item not ready for use" be moved to the hotbar?
  7. Happy 4th EMC!!!
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  8. Happy 4th of July my American friends
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  9. Ooh, a new promo! Very cool, I like it. :)
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  10. Do enchantments such as Looting and Fire Aspect have any effect on obtaining the Taste the Freedom steaks when killing regular cows outside of Town?
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  11. Fire aspect shouldn't. Maybe looting does, not really sure. It works the same as the rest of custom loot. Should be a base 5% drop rate.
  12. I have killed more cows in the past two days then during all of the years I've spent on EMC. It's like a treasure hunt in the Wasteland!

    I have Looting 3 and have close to a DC of leather and almost a stack of Taste of Freedom's.
  13. Is there any update to this status? Even if it's "mojang messed it up with 1.17.1" it'd be at least nice to see where we're at.

    Your hard work is motivating me to look in to MC code so I can understand EMC better!

    (I don't want to seem pushy or anything, just like to stay in the know, see if I can help in any way)
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  14. *you beat me by 22 minutes...*
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  15. Krysyy already put in a notification that 1.17 is close. But since this was posted, I got really stuck on a technical issue that delayed things for a good week and a half. That particular issue is handled now, so dealing with some irl things this week plus final wrap up. Then just final testing and scheduling a date/time for the update that works for Aikar/myself.
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