Happy Halloween 2017!

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  1. An Ominous Arrival
    From the depth of the river Styx, the valiant steed of the Headless Horseman has risen. Having nobody to serve, due to his last owner's rather gruesome fate, this hollow beast has come to Empire Minecraft in his search for those worthy to ride him. Not of this realm, his powers have lessened to that of a mere mortal steed, though his appearance is a tad gruesome to those that don't have the stomach for it. Nevertheless, this steed is loyal to his very bones and you're sure to have a rattling good time with him to ride if you've got the backbone to approach him.

    Type /promo halloween2017 if you've got the guts! They spawn as an adult with a saddle already in place.
    Extras may be resurrected at /shopworld for 35,000 rupees each.

    The Haunted Mansion!
    Secluded in the deepest and darkest areas of the mountains exists an abandoned mansion, its owners nowhere to be found. For a MINIMUM of one week, enjoy visiting the Haunted Mansion from the Haunted Horrors event, as built by our own Staff. Type /htown to get there and explore to your hearts content without being killed within 20 minutes ;)

    Trick-or-Treating: Empire Minecraft Style

    (EDIT: Event is now over)
    There are multiple ways to participate in the Trick-or-Treat festivities this Halloween.

    Throughout the Haunted Mansion, there will be mobs spawning. Don't worry, they can't hurt you. However, they have all been gorging on Haunted Candy over the entire month of October and will likely drop some, if killed.

    Have a spare Haunted Head or Headless Horseman Helmet lying around from years ago? These old promos dispense the SAME candies as the mobs, so you will be able to use those for the next part if you don't feel like slaughtering the inhabitants of the mansion.

    There's an awesome new way to share candy with other players and we've even made a game of it! Each UNIQUE player that you TOSS a Haunted Candy to AT the Haunted Mansion will earn you one point in our Trick-or-Treat Game, as well as give you one candy back in return. Can't remember if you already gave candy to someone? If you've already tossed candy to that player, they won't be able to pick it up. If someone tosses a candy at you, you CAN toss a candy at them. The toss score limitations are set by the throwing player.
    Warning: You must be online in order to receive credit for your candy toss. You cannot just throw a bunch on each server and leave them there with you not on that SMP and receive credit :p

    There are automatic prizes after you receive a certain number of points in the Trick-or-Treat Game, such as the 2017 Haunted Head and others so don't miss out on the candy throwing fun. You can even type /smpscore and /hscore to see where you stand in the rankings across each smp and the server! Top scores will gain an extra bonus at the end of the event.
  2. And with this update, we also have a new feature in from JesusPower2!

    You may now put @friends on a lock sign, and allow all your friends to access this chest in the Frontier/Wastelands.

    Like every other friends based permission, you can control it through Player Settings.

    Check /ps under Friends to change the default setting (Defaults to allow all friends)
    If you wish, you can change the default /ps to disallow all friends, then change individual settings with /f lockaccess <friend> on

    ==== Help System Updates ====
    A few updates ago /ag help (antigrief) received an update to the help system. Our command framework is extremely powerful, and I've got work into automatically generate help docs for every command and let you search them for commands when you type an invalid command.

    Residence and Friends commands have now been added to this system, giving new users a much friendlier way to learn about all the commands available for each of those features.

    Try them out!
    - /ag help
    - /res help
    - /f help

    We will slowly move all of our commands over to this system, and eventually use it to power any unknown command.
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  3. Awesome!
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  4. dope

    lol it doesn't work
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  5. Cool
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  6. I think this is going to be very useful for EMC! I'm glad something like this was implemented!
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  7. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
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  8. Hyyyype
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  9. Awesome update, looking forward to trick or treating with everyone ;)
  10. Most amazing! And a Happy Halloween to all staff and citizens of the Empire!
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  11. yessssssss


    (I remember trying to bribe Aikar for these in disneyland last year but noooo)

  12. this is so cool! XD
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  13. I certainly can't wait to pretend to be the headless horseman now that there is quite a demonic steed.
  14. Ill try get on this weekend.
  15. I like how you released the candy bit before the pumpkin bit was over... You really like testing our time management skills :p
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  16. That's because it's 2 spookie 4 u
  17. Aikar I'm not one to complain in general but you broke anti grief permissions, my friend tried giving me permissions and they got the error: please specify one of (@truthy, auto). Usage:/friend break blockbreak <friend> [auto=default;on;off]
  18. Cool bananas :3
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  19. I love the trick or treating event and the new update for lock signs is great! :D
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  20. How is this "an awesome new way"? I didn't participate, of course, but last year, the trick-or-treating and sharing candy was a thing as well. I saw a lot of people talking about it.
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