Happy Easter from EMC!

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  1. This is a short message to remind everyone to check /promo egg15 for this year's rerelease promo:
    The Magical Eggcellent Wand.

    Happy Easter :)

    -Empire Staff

  2. Wooo! More money!

    EDIT: First. =P
  3. I dont see it.

    EDIT: I see it now, thanks!
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  4. I got it before it was even on the list :cool:

  5. Yay, Thanks Kryssyy
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  6. Thanks for the eggcellent holiday promo! Hope every-bunny has a Hoppy Easter! :p

    And I know I already posted this, but it's going here too:
  7. I am dying cause of that XDXD
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  8. Oh, no! Where do you live? Nevermind, I am sending an ambulance your way now.
  9. Yay a new promo! (currently becoming a promo addict)
  10. It will consume you //Eye Twitch//
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  11. That's cool. Is it different from last year's one? Or is it exactly the same?
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  12. Just the same one :( I wish it said 2015
  13. Twelfth!

    And what does this promo do?
  14. Exactly the same. Checked wiki and it's all the same information. Just like the Cupid's Bow (but we don't get a magical easter bunny spawn egg like the Cupid's Bow this year had the pig... -yet-)
  15. I know this is off topic, but I was wondering if Iron Golems can spawn on my residence?
    Because I want to build an Iron Golem Farm.
  16. It halves the eggification cost outside of town.

    They can not, at least to my knowledge.
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  17. Thank you
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  18. It would be cool if EMC updated to 1.8 and had bunnies everywhere for Easter.
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  19. It would be cool if EMC had the ability to update to 1.8.

    Please hurry up, Sponge.
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  20. Happy Easter everyone!