Happy Birthday, Aikar!

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  1. Happy birthday, Aikar (if it really is your birthday)!

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  2. Happy birthday Aikar :)
  3. Cake day, yay.
    Congrats on surviving another year of us yahoos.
    (and mine's tomorrow. Tremble in fear, mortals, my ascension is nigh.)
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  4. *Trembles slightly* Another year of Aikar and Tiger is just fine with me. :)
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  5. Happy Birthday!!! :)
  6. Happy Birthday Aikar!
  7. Happy Birthday old man
  8. Welcome to the Old Club, Mr. Aikar! :p It's not so bad. Except that everything hurts.
  9. Did i hear the chance fir a prom-
    Pfft wait a minuete, it wasn't a chance to get a promo it was the chance to say happy birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Aikar :)

    Can't wait to see wait another year has in store for everyone :)
  10. Happy birthday, Aikat. :)
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  11. Happy young-person-gets-older-day and the anniversary of your birth and stuff.
  12. You are not old. ;)
    and at my age I have no pain or take any medicine. :D

    So, if it is your birthday, Happy Birthday Aikar. :)
  13. Who is aikar?
    Happy birthday bud! And may the force be with you
  14. Aikar's Birthday Cake Slicer 2015

    Promo plz.
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  15. Happy birthday Aikar :D
  16. Happy Bday Aikar
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  17. happybday aikar
  18. Happy birthday Aikar! :)
  19. :eek: Happy birthday, Aikar! :D
  20. Well then.. Happy b-day Aikar!