[Guide] How to maintain a new Wild/Wasteland Outpost: Tips and Tricks

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  1. First off, this is going to be an open thread, so anyone could give tips, good tips will make it on to the OP. Additionally, I will try to get this pinned, as soon as it does, this sentence will be removed.
    Hello! I am... Saj. Today I will present to you a guide on how to maintain a new Wild or Wasteland Outpost, along with tips and tricks from yours truly, along with a few others, maybe even zulu9 will stop by (Creator/Founder of the SMP7 LLO) but who knows? Let's get started shall we?
    If you're going to actually make a wild outpost or wasteland outpost, you must take it seriously. If you don't, chances are you're going to be located, tracked, then griefed. My guide and tips and tricks will not PREVENT this from happening, but will certainly lessen the threat immensely.
    1. Distance
    One of the easiest (ironically speaking, one of the hardest as well) steps/precautions you can take when creating an outpost is to make it as far away and as hard to reach as possible from the farthest outpost. (Example: Don't make it 10k blocks away from main Wild spawn, as it will be very close to a X (N, W, S, or E) Outpost so I suggest going through one of these gates then proceed to go a long distance away. One of the downsides to this is that many people will be turned off to this distance to the outpost, but options to solve this is build a railroad track simultaneously so you don't have to back and build one.
    2. Secrecy/Staying Hidden
    The key is making a forum thread, but not releasing public coordinates, and PMing them. Only PM trusted and approved members, or else the co-ords maybe stolen and you may have to relocate.
    3. Never give up
    LLO always gets griefed nowadays, and so will yours, this is the natural way of the Wild/Wasteland, but remember, this can always be lessened, thanks to this guide. Make sure to keep rebuilding areas and hiding entrances.
    4. New ideas
    Ideas submitted by you guys!
    zulu9 opened a pad to maybe put bullet points from this discussions to make it easier to "distill" a sticky / FAQ out of it.
    No registration needed but if you want keep most of the large discussion here. Try to only post tips on the actual thread. :)
    Feel free to add any tip that is new or refined so we might use the pad as draft for the sticky.

    Just ignore it if you think it is a stupid idea ;)
    - zulu9
    Sorry I was in a rush, I will try to fix this thread up later. Hope this helped!
    Links to other Wild Survival Guides: (Links provided by zulu9)
    - Saj
  2. Always lock your chests at an outpost?
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  3. Nice.
    Just for the records I tried to gather older threads about the same topic and will just list the ones I found here.
    We can dig those for useful information to include here so we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

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  4. For the best experience make one with your freinds...
    And people with different build styles!
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    You need an unbelievable amount of torches to protect your outpost from mobs spawning everywhere.
  6. Yes. While for example LLO violates some of the tips like hiding location etc that is actually a thing we
    Also ask outpost members in case you can't afford a lock for some reason. Experience at LLO shows it is very likely someone will sponsor a lock or offer a safe chest by adding your name to one of theirs.
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  7. Always keep extra diamond/iron tools/armor in stock-just in case...
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  8. Yes. Other sources of light work too.
    Jack-o'-lanterns seem to be a good compromise if torches ruin the look but you do not want to attract griefers by using lots of glowstone in the open.
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  9. Definitely don't use a lot of glowstone. Experience at the LLO shows that glowstone is one of the most stolen blocks during a griefing/looting. Jack-o-lanterns work great underwater too.
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  10. DON'T keep anything valuable outside of a chest. For example, DON'T use diamond ore in the actual building. It WILL be stolen.
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  11. TIP: If it looks suspicious, screenshot it. You will never get a griefer banned UNLESS you have proof.
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  12. I opened a pad to maybe put bullet points from this discussions to make it easier to "distill" a sticky / FAQ out of it.
    No registration needed but please keep the discussion here.
    Feel free to add any tip that is new or refined so we might use the pad as draft for the sticky.

    Just ignore it if you think it is a stupid idea ;)
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  13. Yes. This is why it is important to get to know you neighbors at your wild community. They might be able to spot thieves or griefers when you are not there.
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  14. I update the OP for your guy's benefit! :)
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  15. Make sure you have some managers or staff for your outpost, it's hard to work alone on something that could get as big as the LLO (a possibility). A good choice is to choose trustworthy friends that are frequently on.
  16. My tip: Don't be boring. Do something novel, don't go out there and do whatever has already been done. Create something indepth and dynamic in the wild, you are free from restraints which are present in Town, take advantage of it.
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  17. Ok another thing you might need to mention, the Wastelands (unlike the actual wild) will be periodically reset so if you were to build an outpost, make sure it is not anything majestic and hard so you can keep moving spots and not lose stuff. Unless I read the wastelands wrong.
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  18. Another tip just came to my mind:
    Depending on what you are planning getting on a new / less popular server within the EMC can really help.
    LLO was founded right after smp7 went online and the new jungle biomes got added.
    So townies from all servers could get there without leaving their home on their homeserver.
    This makes it easier for people to do stuff at your wild thingy as a second home.
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  19. Oops :p
  20. Not sure what you mean by that. :confused: