[Guide] Security for the "i live in the wild" peep's out there PART 1

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  1. HI EMC comunity,

    Today i present to you this epic (long) thread giving some tips & tricks for the people who lives in the wild, appart from getting a supporter account and /map hiding.

    To start with this guide i will just paste a little picture, this is just some buildings (some griefed, some not) i could see at the livemaps, just by zooming out.
    This was took in less than 5 minutes of checking the livemaps, on servers SMP1 and SMP3

    Living wild guide:

    If you are the kind of guy that says this:

    Your tips follow:

    » Travel a bunch.

    You won't be coming back to town constantly, right? Well, you can always spend maybe 20-50 minutes (or how much you want) travelling trough the Wilderness, in a single direction will get you a nice place where griefers won't go much, well, remember: Griefers are lazy, so the more you travel, the more they will get tired and forget you.

    » Use the outposts.
    Well, that gives more randomess to where griefers can go, that gives you 3/4 more chances of being protected, just because they won't just go and travel 1-2 hours at each outpost (North, South, East and West)
    2012-03-07_17.38.19.png Remember: Griefers are lazy, more you travel, more they give up.
    » Make it "secret".
    Well, if you like more the mining experience, and your shelter will be a bit basic, or maybe just NOT to big: Hide it. Livemaps helps griefers lots, when your not online they can always zoom out and see where you at, so if you follow the first 2 tips you can just make a "mirror" so that they don't find your house/shelter/base or whoever you want to call it so easy.
    HOW? Simple: Now MC can grow up 256 levels. Make a "forest" that seems natural as your roof, or maybe just as a "cover" of your whole base, use leaves, make a forest design, or just make a huge platform of dirt and fill it of trees, just try to make it natural :)
    EDIT: Also try making it on diferent layer levels, so that the 3D view from the livemaps don't trick you around. (thanks Hasorko for the info!)(more info here)

    » Underground?
    Well, if you just like the MC experience because of the hunting, mining and not loads because of the building part, you can always make it underground, as low as you want. That way it will be harder for griefers (without xray) to find it.

    » Stone-Made.
    Well, if you make it easy for the griefers to GRIEF you, they will laugh more :p
    Try using hard-to-break materials, also, wood it's easy to burn, avoid using it (much), also, if you use hard materials it would be harder for a single creeper explosion to blow up your creation.
    2012-03-07_17.56.50.png Idk which one it's better for you, i believe any of this will work better than wood :p

    » Take a nap! - Teletransporting it's nice :D

    Yes, teletransporting it's allowed at EMC, no you can't do /tp tho :(
    There are two nice ways to Teletransport to your base and from your base:
    Sleeping & suicide: No, no need to do both in real life, but if you sleep at your base and then coming back from town you suicide, you will re-spawn at your bed *Nice* *You will loose your items tho :S*
    Also, if you want to make your walking back to town short: Make a nether portal.
    Based on this>
    You will always get a portal *ride* back to town in wilderness 8 times closer than all the blocks you would have to walk back town.

    »Lock everything.
    Lock everything and anything that's important for you at your base/house... Simply place a sign on a block on top of the item you want to lock and at the first line write: "lock" *without ""*
    Follow this for more info: http://empireminecraft.com/guide/locking

    »Don't make it so easy!
    Hide your paths, don't just make a straight path to your main 'base' or location.

    Maybe make different tunnels, use Nether portals and place them randomly, make it hard for them to find a way to your base. (Thanks Aikar for the tip) (click here for more)

    IF: You are getting griefed infront of your eyes, always take screenshots, just press F2 and copy screenshots from %appdata%>roaming>.minecraft>screenshots
    follow this guide for more info (about screenshots): http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-screen-shots.2706/

    If you liked this first part of the guide, gimme a like :D also, if you have any questions:
    click here. and fill the form.
    Ask staff in-game for anything you don't understand about EMC servers.
    Follow www.empireminecraft.com/guide ;)

    Good luck living in the wild.
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  2. I find this useful, thank you :)
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  3. Loads of info there Hope it helps people find the answer they need :D
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  4. Wow! Very nice! Thanks!
  5. Hope people appreciate it and use it as much as you guys :p
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  6. Yeah I hope they do too :)
  7. Well-said, and a nice and informative post for those contemplating living in the wild. I hadn't thought of creating a "mirror" above your res to thwart live-map hunting by griefers, that's a nice touch. I may have to give that a shot for my next structure (if the wild is indeed reset soon)

    I've thus far been been building expansive, underground cave networks with rail transit systems, and thanks to being out far enough from spawn, and some other clever tricks, haven't had them discovered yet. My advice to those adopting the underground experience is completely conceal your footprint, and make your entrance(s) undetectable. I've taken several approaches to this so far, and my favorite is using the face of a cliff or hillside adjacent to a deep body of water. If you create an 'airlock' underwater about 10-15 blocks deep by digging straight in, then two or three blocks up, you have a completely undetectable underwater entrance to your secret-squirrel lair. :D
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  8. Nice Nice! This was very helpful I Would only prefer to live in the wild with someone not by myself but every1 wants to live in town...That I know of. :oops:
  9. very helpful maybe one day you will have time to make some survival with me like old times ;)
    hope it helps people out thanks for posting this copher
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  10. If you have any ideas for me to add to the guide, please tell me :D That will help the EMC comunity :p
  11. Also, if you mix all the info i said you will have 100% less chance of getting griefed :D
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  12. And If you grief yourself You have a no matter what 100% chance of getting griefed! :D
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  13. Oh and number 2 and 3 were NPC villages...
  14. Griefed, no?
  15. Yes they were griefed but they were NPC villages they can never be hidden... Unless some1 is crazy enough to cover a dirt mountain that loks so natural so they can have it all to their own...
  16. The point is that those are examples of griefed structures, and also structures standing that could be easily griefed.
  17. Ohhhh, lol I thought you were talking about members structures I didnt Think of NPC villages as a example, Lol sry :p
  18. biggest suggestion: don't make a straight path to your location...

    make 1 path say in the nether, then make a portal back to wild...
    then run in a random direction for a good distance, make portal back into nether... then continue there.

    Go into an open room, and pick a random direction and continue on path from there.

    don't make it so if a person finds 1 single spot of your path they have an open highway to the end.

    contiously opening to locations that "the next part could be anywhere" will really throw people off. and make sure the "next part" is FAR away from the last part, so xray hackers dont simply see the next portal etc.
  19. I will add that :D
  20. You cut out all the important details of my post :(