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  1. Hi there,
    I am the founder of the LLO, a nice big wild community on smp7.
    I saw some other EMC members trying to start similar stuff on other EMC servers.
    This thread will serve to exchange tips and experiences we make at our outposts. It does not matter if it is an open community without a leader or some more autocratic community.
    I will start posting some of my experiences from the LLO soon and hope this will develop into a thread where members of all sorts of wild communities can share knowledge to fight the griefers and grow to populate the wild :)
  2. First things you want to have at your wild outpost:

    Community farms:
    It is a waste of time if every new member has to bring basic farmable materials.
    So the first thing you want to make for your outpost are farms for everything that can be farmed. New members can use the free inventory space to bring nice, non-farmable things instead.

    A nether portal:
    It will allow faster travel and easier gathering of nether stuff right at the outpost. Maybe do farms for farmable nether stuff too.

    Mooshroom Food Stations:
    Mooshrooms do survive in the normal world and are an unlimited source of food.
    Just egg one, build a small fenced area for it and place the egg. Once it has grown you can right click it with a bowl and get it filled with mushroom stew. Do not shear or kill the mooshroom.

    Rail System:
    Even if you do not have any tracks yet, build your paths with a rails system in mind. Leave room for stations. Once your community grows bigger having transportation really helps to get it spread out.

    *TODO: Explain better, show pictures**
  3. Ummm thats a huge understatement. You created a huge wild town that has won every battle with the most hated enemy... Griefers! Words cannot describe your (and the great community's) accomplishment.
  4. *reserving spot for trikia outpost*
  5. I merely started it and enjoyed building some stuff. All the epic growth and fighting griefers was done by the community. But I agree it has become some epic big thing and I am kinda proud my "experiment" (making it open for everyone etc) had a positive result.
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  6. Tear:(, I still remember when it was just call smp7 Jungle outpost man it was small then compared to it now :D, anyways i think of tips too. To post on here ;)
  7. Yeah, that will work.
    If you are having an outpost just reply here with a placeholder and update later.
    If it turns out I might go and delete my conversational stuff like this post so it will be an outpost showcase.
  8. TIP. Lock your chests that have valuables. VERY IMPORTANT. My first day at LLO. 54 diamonds stolen because my chest was unlocked. So of you want to protect your stuff, lock it.
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  9. Light up EVERYWHERE. Many creepers can soon lead to a nice big hole in the ground with nothing left :)
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  10. TIP: Make easy transportation to designated regions of your outpost.
    This will make traveling easier and faster.
    TIP: Lighting. You'll need at least 50 stacks of torches for a Wild Outpost the size of half of what the LLO is now. That means to light up the entire outpost, also lighting up the area around it, to stop the mobs from spawning. (Make "Light up the Outpost" Chests filled with torches as well)
    TIP: Community Chests/Homes
    It might take a while and some of your precious materials, but making "Welcome to the *** Outpost Chests" are amazing to make a new member there stay, as well as show them this is a big outpost community they also may have little tools, and it can provide them with basic essentials (Caution: 1 Person may take everything in the chest)
    That's all I could really think of and that's why the LLO is so great (in my opinion)
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  11. This is cool!
  12. I have started a wild outpost on smp9, currently unnamed but getting very large.
    We have public everything! Mooshroom stations, mines, generators. grinders and much more!
  13. Oh we also have possible the largest stretch of tunnel anywhere on EMC whicj now goes over 2000 blocks and still needs to go 1000 or so more. All dug by yours truley
  14. Cool could you link a thread I'm keen o joining
  15. -.- i made mine before yours :)
  16. Smp6 outpost is getting big now too ;)

    @ killerbyte, mind if I steal your idea and dig tunnels on smp6?
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  17. PROTIP: Make a semi-hidden Nether route from your outpost to spawn. This allows members to get from your outpost to town in a few minutes.
  18. you mean that complex to the north?
  19. LLO has, AFAIK, the longest single tunnel run at nearly 3800 blocks.
    I have also created a separate internal transportation tunnel network of over 4000 blocks of 3x3 tunnel for transport within LLO. And still digging. :)

    As a tip to creators of a new outpost, make your transportation system clean and create easily accessible stations for the transport system. Build it with expansion in mind. If your community grows to the level that you want it to grow, you will need to extend your lines to the new regions. If you have planned for it, it will be easy.
    Also, use it regularly and maintain it. griefers are constantly on the prowl for powered rail :mad:
  20. If your outpost gets griefed, DON'T GIVE UP! Just rebuild and keep on going. You will either 1. Catch Mr.Griefer or 2. They'll give up and see that no matter what you're not gonna give in.

    Always communicate with other members. If JimmyTaterTots5000(I just made this name up) makes his house in a tree, ask if it's ok to build near him. Don't plop your house right next to his. Give him room in case he wants to expand. You should basically have enough space between each other that you can still see each other's house but not see each other's undies.