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  1. Hey there EMC community :D Today, on the server's birthday, i'm going to tell you guys my tips on surviving in the wild.

    1) Food.

    Bring plenty of food, my preference being steak or raw porkchop. These 2 heal the most are inexpensive to find. But bring any other cooked meat and bread/melons. Once you pass the no-healing stage, you are very vulnerable to death, whether it be mobs or fall damage.

    2) Bases.

    A base is an essential when it comes to surviving in the wild. Of course you want ore for your shop and your tools. So you did underground, seal up the entrance and make it barely visible. If you have a minimap mod, remember to waypoint it! Line the walls with chests with a sign above them so you know what's in them, you can put 2 double chests on top of eachother, but remember the sign so you're not running about. What I also like to do is but the block that the chest stores on above the chests. Remember to lock them. Also, add a crafting bench and a few furnaces, and dig a staircase down so you can start a strip mine or find a cave to gather resources in. Start a farm in the cave also, just so you're not running around for food later on.

    Also, just walk about 25 minutes away from spawn so there's less chance of griefers finding you. Griefers want to destroy your builds but probably will not walk too far to cause destruction. This is also a reason why you shouldn't build on the surface, and no nether portals either. Nether portals will be very close to nether spawn. Even an hour away in the wild could just mean a couple of minutes in the nether. If you're going to the nether, a 3 hour walk would suitable, and NOBODY wants to walk that long.

    3) Mobs

    Always bring weapons and torches. The torches will help you light caves, light the area around your base and the weapons will kill piggies and cows for their meat. But just TRY and start an animal farm, these other mobs will be helpful to other players. The weapons will also help you against zombies, skeletons and creepers.

    4) Other players

    While in your base, hold down shift to hide from passing players. If you're a supporter, hide from the live map. Not all players are griefers, but better safe than sorry.

    5) Outposts.

    You see those wild outposts? Yeah, don't grief them. They can be of use to you and you can take up residence their on its forum thread. SOME outposts have free food for the taking, so take some but not all, for other players.

    That's all there is to it, really. So, yeah, see ya! Hope these tips helped.
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  3. I will survive!
  4. how do you lock a chest i couldn't find it in there
  5. Do [locked] [your name]
  6. But its not cheap. 1,000 rupees i think