Guess Who Is Next!

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Fuldmathr, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. One of my favorite forum games, I took a glance through the posts here and didn't see it.

    The rules are, if you open the topic you must guess and submit who you think will open the topic next. No cheating! Only one guess per answer, and you may not double post or guess yourself.

    I guess 607.
  2. Nope :D
    I guess 607.
  3. Popular guess!

    I guess Otus_NigRum.
  4. Why would I be awake at 6:30 on the weekend? :p (7:30 makes more sense, but still seems early)
    I think we've had this forum game here before, actually, but it's no problem to see it again. However, it is important that people see it as an accomplishment if they are guessed and do reply first. And I guess people shouldn't cheat by using pm's.
    I guess Rhy. (Kabloofne)
  5. I guess FadedMartian
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  6. Hm, I guess if we aren't the person that's being guessed, we should still post if we don't mind too much, as otherwise it would become too easy. Hm, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this game. :rolleyes:
    I guess Otus.
  7. I am gonna guess Kabloofne
  8. I say SkeleTin. ;)
  9. I'm guessing 607. :)
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  10. Clever one. ;) (I often can't resist checking the forum one more time before doing whatever I was going to do)
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  11. I'm next.
  12. That's what I said.

    Anyway, I'm guessing Tomvanwijnen, for no obvious reason. :p
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  13. Heyyy, you're right! :D Dinner time here, so I'm online again. ;)

    I'm guessing Fuldmathr. :)
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  14. That's an interesting name! It hadn't occurred to me yet. I guess Smooshed_Potato.
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  15. :p

    Im guessing Jelle

    EDIT: HOW... I was ninja'd
    Well played sire, well played
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  16. I am guessing Otus
  17. yay i guessed right!
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  19. I'm guessing 607
  20. Thanks. :D

    You got it. Not sure who's up next... I'll say Jelle, but I doubt I'm right.