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  1. As most of you know, I have recently started a group called the Empire Minecake Party. Our mission is to take into consideration every issue brought upon us via pm or forum post and then output a weekly and/or monthly document pertaining to these problems in detail whilst providing plausible solutions to those issues, thus providing a better atmospheric playtime during your time on Empire Minecraft.

    Applications have flooded through, with 21 different people wanting to join! Unfortunately, only 8-14 can be selected. This is where you come in. This is where you get to choose which of these members you want to represent you. To speak for you. To voice your opinions and issues to the moderators and staff alike. To bring forth change. They say actions speak louder than words. Most people's opinions go unheard to the vast quantity of voices out there. This is a time for change. A time for your opinions to be heard.

    Vote for your Empire MineCake Party Members in the poll!

    How to vote:

    In order to vote, comment on this thread with the username(s) you wish to vote for. You may select up to three(3) members. Do not comment unless you are voting. Only select members from the list below.

    Keep in mind that this poll is to get the communities input on who they want to see in the group and is not set in stone. The official members will be based off the poll.

    Voting with alternate accounts is illegal and if you are in the running and do so, you will be disqualified.
    Poll will be closed at 11:59PM EST on June 1, 2012.

    Voting Options:

    Click on a persons name to view their statements on why you should vote for them. Their name will be green if they do not have one, and orange if they do.


    Current Vote Count:
    Kells18 - 4
    Tehwafflez - 4
    333kirby - 3
    Squizzel_Boy - 2
    Copherfield - 10
    AlexChance - 19
    AssignedInsanity - 1
    Call_Me_Dejaja - 11
    Thetrufflehunter - 2
    DangerousPopcorn - 2
    Pthagaard - 5
    SecretAznEks - 18
    pat2011 - 2
    Bobalek - 2
    Terr - 3
    diamond_viper111 - 1
    mtp1997 - 1
    BobTheTomato9798 - 3
    Note to those who applied:
    You may comment only one(1) time with a statement providing information on what you can provide to the community. You may also comment one(1) additional time to vote for up to three(3) members, however you cannot vote for yourself.
  2. Kells18
  3. Aahhhh, so hard to choose! There is someone else 2 3 other people I'd love to add to this list and I'm pretty sure they'll know who they are :/

  4. Greetings EMC Community,

    I am Tehwafflez, a member since late November.. I have been through a lot on this server.. But, lately things have shown up that I am not happy with.. I want to voice my opinion to the general public and get my voice heard. I know if we group together and work for the better good we can make a change. It might seem cheesy but it is how things have worked in history, and it will work today.. To prevent griefing, to stop spam, and to make a better community. Vote for a better EMC, vote for Tehwafflez.

    I am Tehwafflez.. And I approve this message.
  5. AlexChance
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  6. AlexChance
    Dangerous popcorn
  7. Ladies and gentleman of the Empire. I am SecretAznEks, and I've been a member here since January 16, 2012. I may not be as old as other members, or have been on EMC quite as long, but I am very active and well-known in the community. I want to be a part of the EMCake Party because, from the first day that rob told me the general idea, I was hooked. I loved the idea of allowing a committee made of regular players to communicate with the staff and admins about key issues that would have a profound effect on the community. As a member of the CakeParty, I will voice my opinion, even if it may not be the majority. Vote for Secret. Vote for EMC.
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  8. I am mtp1997. I have been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.3 and I have been a member of Empire Minecraft since December. You may or may not know me because in game, I spend most of my time on Utopia. I also frequently visit SMP7, SMP8, and SMP9. I want to be nominated to be in EMCake Party because I would like to represent the community. I believe that EMC is the best Minecraft server because of our community and staff. Without our community, there would not be a server. Even though EMC is the best server, there is still room for improvement. I would like to help in this process. If you need anything, please feel free to PM me and I will help as best as I can.
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  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pat2011 and this is why you should choose me for
    Empire MineCake Party. I as a member of Empire Minecake Party will listen to your problems anytime anywhere Weither it be in-game trough a message or on the forrums I will listen and I will not only listen I will try and figure out the problem and give you back a
    answer to the best of my ability, and that Ladies and Gentlemen of Empire minecraft is why you should choose me for Empire MineCake Party -pat2011.
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  10. kells18
  11. Alexchance
  12. I am AssignedInsanity, and contrary to my name, I am quite sane. Why should you choose me? No particular reasons. I have no grand speech in place, telling you spectacular details about my membership in both EMC and just regular MC. I was a member since the 1.9 pre-releases or so. I did not keep a record of this, so I am not 100% sure when exactly I joined. If I am selected by any chance, I would lend myself as much as I could to the project. I would listen to your problems and try to get you the best answer possible to your question. I am not that great with explanations (As told by the GR 9 Students I help for GPP), but with patience on both sides, I would help as much as I could. Even if I am not selected, I will still try and help with anything I can, so don't be hesitant to ask me anything. (Although the response may just be a youtube guide or a wiki page if it is beyond me @A@ )

    Vote wisely, as I am sure you will. It is not hard with a list full of pretty amazing EMC members ;)
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  13. SecretAznEks
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  14. copherfield
  15. Hello emc comunity and im DangerousPopcorn. I think i should join because i am very friendly and i can also give people some materials if they need it. Well i know that this was kinda short but i really think i have the potential for this.

    PD: I dont like pressuming thats one reason cause i made it kinda short.
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  16. Ladies and tomatoes of all ages, my name is BobTheTomato9798.
    I have been playing Minecraft since the first Alpha 1.0.0.
    I am a very experienced Minecrafter and love to help people in any way I can.
    I have been playing EMC since the beginning of this year and I fully understand all the rules.
    I want to be able to fight for what is right and help this server to be the best it can be!
    I urge you to vote for me because of the reasons stated above and if you vote for me you won't be sorry ;)
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  17. To join or not to join, i'll still strive to make EMC a better place to play everyday - regardless.

    Best of wishes to everyone.
  18. I also see how I was out helping my father tomato all day I was not able to get that statement in so now I will get less votes :(
  19. Can I still join?
  20. No, we have closed applications. You can vote, however.