Goodbye Minecraft.

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  1. I tried Quiting the game for over 150 days and when I came back there still wasn't much to do. This time I'm leaving again because the game was cool for me when I played with my friends a year ago, but really, is this game even fun anymore? I'm talking to you people as old as me on this server/mc.
    I'm moving on from this video game and prob gonna delete the game and use the space for more gmod mods. If you want to reach me friend me on steam I am "Avinator".
    I had fun, 200 days ago.
    90% of you don't really care anyways since all my friends are leaving this server 1 by 1. Jacob just left and so will I.
    Goodbye amigos
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  2. I have been playing on EMC for three years as of today, and have been building all sorts of new things lately. I love the game and will never get sick of it. Best of luck to you in your future.:)
  3. I'm talking about MC in general. Also there's only so much you can build without lagging your computer up with mods or being a millionaire on EMC or whatevs.
    I'll join in every 3 months or so, get the promos and give them to whoever wants them.
  4. I don't want to sound like a jerk but maybe a better computer? Mac's arent the way to go mate :p I have a macbook and I never game on it anymore since I built my PC, huge difference :)
  5. Arguably, there is infinitely many things you could build in Minecraft.
  6. Some people need to be entertained. Some people make their own entertainment.
  7. Anyways, I'll check back in a month and see if Aikar made dragon tombs yet. Dt is the only reason I would still play here
  8. Sad to see you go, have a good time with new adventures and life its self!!
  9. If you need a challenge and you don't know what to do,
    you can check what other people around you do,
    want to do, or, if you help them a bit, could do.
  10. Or you can do what Jcplugs did a long time ago and give away everything, unclaim all your lots and literally start from scratch. Don't feel like handing your promos out to people? Burn them.
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  11. You should check back in way more than a month.

    I'm going on my third year here in 8 days and I've been playing Minecraft for four years. Do I get sick of Minecraft? Yes. I take breaks. Sometimes I'll play on old Beta versions and pretend i'm 10 again. A game that entered development on my birthday will never become boring for me - I have to make sure of that :p

    EDIT: Although, I do have to say; 1.8 was one of the worst updates I've ever seen made to Minecraft.
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  12. I wouldn't say MC has become boring, but I guess it's not what it used to be to me. I used to play it non-stop but I don't and can't play that much anymore, but I still have fun, I talk to people and have some on-going challenges. It's harder for me to get on right now too because it's an important time in my education with GCSE exams coming up and all so there's a lot of content. I still enjoy it though :) What ever you decide to do, have fun Demon!
  13. Sorry to hear that but I think it heavily depends on your definition of "stuff to do". Because quite frankly my experiences so far are different (reason I'm responding is because I noticed that we're on the same server).

    The most important thing here, once again: IMO, is how you approach things. Some players tend to play / expand faster than others, but I think that can also work "against" you to some extend. Because yah; once you've "finished"...

    But on the other hand, isn't this basically essentially the way Minecraft itself works?

    I can really amuse myself in survival mode, and without any cheats, to try and, well, survive. Well, to be honest I may have 'cheated' a little bit in my last game by giving myself god armor and overpowered tools. But even so; I still go out mining, smelting, enchanting and such (still hunting for blaze rods to make a brewing stand).

    But I also know players in my direct surroundings who will only last 10 - 20min. in the game before resorting to /gamemode or /give commands.

    Well, it happens. But, no offense intended, I don't really think its the game. The game itself can be as extensive or limited as you make it. And to be honest I don't think that Minecraft is limited in any way at all ;)

    People even manage to build computers using redstone wiring:

    Click here if the video doesn't play

    I really think it also heavily depends on the kind of player you are.

    And just to be safe I do wish to stress out that I don't mean that in a negative way. Obviously.

    Well, to be honest I do. I think it's a shame to see an 'oldie' take off just like that. Can't say I know you, other than knowing that your home server is also smp2, but yah.

    Still, despite my comments up there I can understand why it can become boring. We each play in a different style, we all have our different ways of having fun so yah... I do think you're making the right choice not to try and enforce things upon you. In the end it should always be fun, not a drag or a burden.

    SO yah... I'm sorry to see you go, but I do hope you'll find something else to play!
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  14. im way too busy to not have anything to do lol, theres so many things cooking in my mind on a regular basis, like moving my outpost out,finishing my wither farm, building netherhound and slime farm, finishing all 8 of my reses, upgrading my smp1 outpost, demolishing my smp9 outpost. just wayyyy too much stuff
  15. There are like 5 Avinators >.<
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  16. DemonThunder, I experienced the same thing with my old GMod server. I took a break to focus on EMC and when I returned, everything just felt different. I am sure that people were treating me the same, it just did not feel right.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix this. I think I can relate to you somehow though.
  17. I took some time off from MC for a while too, I guess it just takes some adjustment. I didn't play for about a year straight, and when I got back on, I basically didn't know the difference between Nether Warts and wheat. Sad to see you go, best of luck on your adventures in life :p
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  18. I took a long break as well, maybe 5 months or so. Missed bunches of promos and diamonds got inflated. I missed sooo much but that gives me something to do. A break is healthy for you. Best of luck to you if you decide to come back or go forever
  19. Do whatever you desire to make yourself happy in the future, it's not a good idea to try and struggle seeking for those golden days you had before. Make new ones :) [tl;dr just some strange advice I invent during 1 AM]
  20. Since when do you play Minecraft, then?