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  1. I wanted to make a comment regarding a player with very high integrity. Today I died in the nether, and lost some very expensive enchanted items (22,000 r). This player which I barely knew, went to my residence and returned the items which was lost when i died. This player could have easily said the items were lost in lava, or otherwise not recoverable. But he returned them honestly and I think he should be recognized. This player is 333Kirby. I got your back anytime u need anything. If anybody else has good things to say about great gameplay by other players, please let them be known for their good deeds, and feel free to post details of their deeds to this thread. So often we only hear of bad deeds by someone cheating, stealing or greifing but I believe good deeds should be recognized by the whole Empire Community as well.
  2. I also know of an honest player. I was asking skyman1212 to do a job for me to help regarding my new teleport system and I gave him perms to my residence. Then, all of a sudden, my houe lost INTERNET!!! So I could not play on the empire anymore. However, he did not touch my house! I think that is worth recognizing.
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  4. I want to thank the player that gave me food when he found me in the wild. I don't remember his name but I do remember that instantly after he gave me food I got struck by lightning
  5. Three cheers for Kirby :)
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  6. Also, I need to thank the player ho posted this thread, for helping me rebuild my house when Its2004 lit it ablaze.
  7. Ahaha wow, thanks guys. A lot of you are great. I'll make a post later listing the whole lot of ya.
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  8. When I was in the nethers this guy helped my killed a ghast when i had a half of heart left. This person was Highbuddy. He almost sacraficed his life to kill that ghast for me.... *cries* idk if i can find something to owe him back...
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  9. Prior to the reset my computer died. I had plenty of time to get some volunteers together to retrieve my items from the wild. I had typed up several pages of instructions on how to get my things. As time got near, my volunteers started dropping out. They had good reasons to.

    I thought the reset time was midnight, instead it was noon. I think by the time I noticed my mistake there was only an hour or two till the reset(or had already begun). I went on the forums and begged anyone to retrieve my items. Margaritte and Nnnnmc answered my plees. I emailed them the instructions and asked they only get the most valuable things.

    This was time consuming for both of them. It required multiple trips by boat and following detailed instructions.

    When I was finally able to play again I noticed they brought back everything.

    To this day Margaritte won't let me repay her. I haven't seen Nnnmc around.

    Thank you both.
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  10. That's not a good deed. That's following "Da Rules"
  11. Agreed!
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  12. These are great stories about players who deserve to be recognized. Lets keep this thread alive by continuing doing good things for our fellow players. I wish i could set up some kind of reward system to reward these players, but until then, sharing their name, and details of their actions should be known by all of us. Maybe we can return the favor for you sometime when they need a little help.

    P.S.= Margaritte, and Nnnnmc, great job, if u ever need help, You can count on me.
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  13. I did a good thing today. I gave some one 1r. Prize please. LOL JK
  14. Very much respect for 333Kerby. I would have done the same thing; and I'm not just saying that. I like a player. :p
  15. I have to give my sister Bugmo1207 props for helping me in the wild. We were both out there mining sandstone and I shoveled some sand and let water in. It created a waterfall and I tried to patch it up and ended up caving myself in. She was near our base and saw where I was on the live map. I disconnected while she patched up the water so I could log in and be safe and not die. :D
  16. Your prize is one dirt block. Meet me 15000 blocks out into the wild to get it. HA
  17. I would also like to comment about 333kirby.

    While building his statues on his res, not sure if they are still there, he trusted me with perms on his residence. At the time I was only charging maybe 200r per statue? He took it upon himself to pay 1k for each of the 2 statues I had built him. I asked if he was sure about that, and he said yes. He is willing to help others no matter the circumstance. Hearing this story after my experience with this player, this man deserves a cake. Or two.

    +Cake to 333kirby and much respect given.
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  18. I would like to thank Dwight5273 for helping retrieve my items when i was killed by a weird glitch on my way to the Last light Outpost he dropped what he was doing and went out of his way to get my stuff worth around 15k at the time Dwight is you are reading this thank you again.
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  19. ILL TAKE IT [link=lol}
  20. You know, kudos to Dwight. He managed to find my well hidden dual blaze grinder, and all he did was take some of my wood, craft 2 signs, and right me a message saying he found it going to his own base. He did nothing but leave a friendly neighborly note, and I thank him for that.