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  1. I need someone to rescue me! I was mining at smp2 west outpost and I fell in some lava. Just bring some water and search for a floating cobblestone blocks with a torch; below those blocks there is a deep 5x5 hole (my mine) Go down the stairs and clear the lava in the near caves. Please, destroy the cobble blocks when you have cleaned the lava, so I don't suffocate in them. Thanks a lot! :)
    ->If you want some type of reward, pm me
  2. Okay im on my way!!
  3. Thanks a lot creppa! :)
  4. The best thing to do is suck it up and move on. If you fell in lava your inventory will be gone. If you need something that you lost then just PM me because I like spending money >:]
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  5. I didn't die, disconnected fast when I fell.
  6. wait where is it? where north south east west what
  7. Search for a tiny cobble thing in the top of a ice mountain that is very near smp2 West outpost. You can use Live map for finding the 5x5 hole too.
  8. when you spawn by the snowman do u go straight left or right of diamond block on his hand?
  9. I don't know; just check the top of each mountain very near of the outpost area and find this:

  10. is it by a jungle biome?
  11. No. Smp2 West Wild outpost. Ice Mountains. Don't go away, it's very near
  12. where are the cords
  13. I don't have them, but I think it's very easy to get there. 5x5 hole in the top of a ice mountain at smp2 west outpost with a tiny cobblestone thing floating on top; use livemap if you don't find it. It's very near of the outpost!
  14. When you come out of the outpost where do you go?
  15. To the top of the closest mountain; and then started mining a 5x5 hole.
  16. If you can use the Live Map- try to provide a close estimate on what the coordinates may be. The problem might have already been resolved by the time I post this... Good luck :)
  17. That's the problem. My computer s*cks a lot so I can't use Livemap. :(
  18. I found this quite easily. Ill be happy to help. Its all foggy down there :/ So theres lava down there and you want somebody to cover it with water so you land safely?

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  19. Hmm.... That is odd. I can't get on the servers today but. Is it on top of the mountain. If so I have the coordinates. -9290, 95
  20. I already did it.
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