Go back in time and see how EMC looked.

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  1. And for the servers, this: :D

  2. Ahh, back when you could actually find forum categories and didn't have to search through others to find them :rolleyes:

    I miss the Mods list being where you could see it. People think mods aren't allowed on the servers now because they can't find a post telling which are acceptable.
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  3. Was bored and made list of ex-staff name list you might have never heard before.

    On 8th December 2011, there were 12 (13 if we count GameKribJeremy/IceCreamCow account) staff members. As of 30th June 2013 there are 23 staff members. That's the same number on 27th June 2012 (Yes, 2012)

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  4. *when crazy1080 was in highest posting with 162 messages*
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  5. I don't see anything wrong bumping this old thread. #EMCHistory
  6. These 2 are in the smp1 graveyard
  7. Bumpy bump.
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  8. The only thing I'm interested in is the highest posting members list. ;)
  9. Hey. I also thought it was up until mid 2013 or something... but you can actually go further, until fairly recent. And that probably means you will be able to go back to the present state as well.
  10. Because I posted on June 27 2013 and have never edited it since then :p
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  11. *facepalm*
    I didn't realise this was an old thread, as I didn't get an alert for it. And surely, it couldn't be that old, because of the idea of the thread.
  12. Thanks for the video, that was quite interesting! :)
  13. Oh boy, seeing my slow decline on the highest posting members list hurts.

    I got up there sometime in 2012 (September, I think?), and was in sixth place by December 2012 with 3,612 messages. Quickly moved up to third place, and stayed there until sometime in 2014, when I managed to go all the way down to fifth - nothing to fear, I got back to third place in no time, and stayed there until late 2015. Am now in fourth place, and was until like a month ago when Sachrock bumped me down to fifth (I CAN STILL RECLAIM THIS, I KNOW I MAKE 100 POSTS A MONTH AND AM CURRENTLY AT 10,300 AND SACH IS AT 10,900 BUT I CAN STILL DO IT). Can't even try to get back to third because there's a post disparity of 5,000 between me and Tom now lol (also his rise onto it is like, a really quick blip, same with 607 and FDNY).
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  14. It's amazing what time will do to carve out changes. The only throwback I can relate to at the moment is town chat in the video that Xatez posted
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  15. Sach too, though. I think FDNY went the fastest of us four... but I'm not sure. Sach was going really fast also, but he's slowed down (as has Tom, FDNY since a while ago (otherwise I wouldn't have overtaken him again :p), and even myself a bit).
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