Global warming lies

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  1. I'm sick of hearing crap on the news that they blame global warming. they blame everything on it. Its not even real. The GOVERNMENTS pay news channels, public schools, ABC and even scientists to try and make us believe in this trash. They blame a bushfire on "global warming" like get real.
    The so called "Global warming" is just a load of junk. Sea levels haven't risen at all, while there saying the sea levels will rise 10feet by 2015, 10 years ago, hasn't risen 1 cm. Makes you wonder why Gillard is going to court for LIES, and al gore bought a multi-million dollar waterfront with OUR tax payers money from a pile of crap, so much for those sea level risings.
    America breaking cold records, what global warming? Antarctica breaking cold records, so much for ice melting eh?
    Oceans, volcanoes, etc turf out more co2 than humans, so why aren't we taxing them? No point spending our hard earned money on a pile of crap. Let's look at Venus. No oceans, no humans just volcanoes, the major co2 realisers, and look at Venus.
    Just google "c(lie)mate on youtube. Or google suspicious0bservors.
    I think The sun controls the earth and its climate. the earth is heading into a MINI ICE AGE the sun has flipped its poles which is normal, sun spots have died, basically the suns activity has died. this is the solar magnetic shutdown.
    Which will send the earth into a mini ice age which were already just starting to go through now, America could see a colder winter next year. Anyone remember/ heard that ison/nibiru crap? Never happend, same with global warming. I'll continue to live my life knowing global warming is a pile of trash. And NO ONE will ever make me believe this pile of lies.
    Watch this before commenting
    C(lie)mate 1:
    C(lie)mate 2:
    C(lie)mate 3:
    I just love it when i spend 10 minutes owning a teacher about this garbage.

    Video explains it all
  2. The scientific definition of "Global Warming" is an increase of 1 degree Celsius a year, which is not happening.
  3. It's rather an outdated phrase for what the Earth is experiencing, Climate Change would be better, i.e more varied and random weather patterns across the world, colder winters, hotter summers, snow in June/July etc.
  4. Moved on now? What's next! Hmmm Gravity change?
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  5. What? :confused:
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  6. I don't know about where you live, but my area of the world does have hard scientific fact of climate change, its called living the past 28 years heh.

    There is extremely noticeable change in climate. The "Debate" isnt about whether global warming/climate change is real, but who is to blame.

    It Is real, it is happening, both sides of politics agree on that for the most part.

    Little scary fact, for this recent polar vortex, the south pole was warmer than most of america....
  7. Lel, me and my dad make fun of the governments and this global warming/climate change crap, so we thought what wold be next so we thought of gravity change, when the world is "overpopulated" which I don't think it is, and causes the earth to have a stronger gravition pull of asteroids towards the earth etc. It's not real just some stuff we thought about at the dinner table on night xD
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  8. Play with this i havnt seen any changes what so ever in weather events. Typical November thunderstorms and a warm summer. This year we had a cooler than normal summer. Don't forget about volcanoes and oceans, they throwout co2 too.
    im surprised theres someone here that believes in the polar vortex existing. Most people don't know what is is/think its a pile of lies. And its winter in the northan hemisphere, summer in the southern. Earth is slowly heading into a mini ice age because of the magnetic shutdown.
    Polar vortex atm
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  9. my friend was stuck in Florida for a week >.<
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  10. I highly doubt the government is paying news channels, public schools, ABC and even scientists to make up crap...
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  11. You will be surprised what the governments are hiding from the public.
    Since abbot got in parliament in Australia public schools havnt been teaching global warming in English, geography and science. When Gillard and Rudd were in, public schools were teaching global warming in English, geography and science. Looks like abbot stoped paying school to teach this rubbish. Good on him!
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  12. I've lived in the same area for 16, almost 17 years. From when I was a kid, to now, the weather has changed. We went from a blizzard when I was 5, to almost little to no snow in the winter and blazing sun. Mind you I live in eastern USA, CT to be exact. The state is by the water, which increases our chance of snow, and we still got nothing. This year, there has been a increase in snow, to now if I go outside we have a foot of snow. We can even go back far enough in time, to when my dad (41 years old) was younger, he had to shovel snow taller than him. Was there a temperature change some point in our lives? Yes. But is it still going? No. There has been colder weathers, and well I can't speak for the summer quite yet. But if this trend goes on, our weather won't be exactly the way it should be, but better than it was. This year, even some states that didn't have snow have snow. It may not be global warming but it's like what RainbowChin said
    Edit: Also, don't post a thread if you want everyone to believe your opinion, because thats the beauty of the world, no one is alike exactly in thoughts.
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  13. This is where you lost me :rolleyes:

    I know nothing about global warming and I'm sure we would all be surprised by some of the secret stuff out there, but you know just as much as anyone else about what governments hide :)
  14. Well actually, Earth is in the slow process of flipping magnetic poles, similar to what happened to Mars that made it lose its atmosphere.
    You can see EVIDENCE of it by looking at the history of the location of the magnetic North Pole.
  15. Everyone knows the governments has there secrets but those secrets protect us from ourselves, think about it, if we knew about all the little secret activities the government were doing then we would not be the country we are today, I assume you are Australian. I disagree with a lot of thinks the Gillard government did and I wanted Liberals to come in but that never happened, there is a reason people have security clearance etc. It's to keep people like you and me from telling the entire world about or secret military training that is happening right now (just an example). But come on think about it, the government bribing public schools? I go to a private school and they teach us the same stuff about global warming.

    Rant over. :)
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  16. I'd offer a rebuttal but you seem like a conspiracy theorist and I don't argue with conspiracy theorists.
  17. Couldn't agree more haha :p
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    Magnetic poles do move but they havnt flipped for a long time. If they did flip most of our wildlife would get lost and cannot navigate. The sun recently flipped its poles, Which is the solar shutdown.
    i use to goto a private school and never head about global warming till I moved to a public school and it all came in.
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  19. Public schools are operated and funded by the government, and both private and public schools have their curriculum (baseline) provided by the government :)

    Linking a YouTube video isn't really making an argument Marine
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  20. Okay, so the point of that is what? A youtube video is supposed to be more informational than our government that tells us what we need to know, what to worry about? I'm not big into politics, but I do see that the guy is from UK and may be different than our own scientist.

    Are you blind Marine? We would die if it did happen, we wouldn't be able to live on earth. Not just be lost.

    Private schools are religious, or have religious background. So they don't believe in certain things, example: Global warming. Public school tells you things you haven't seen, but they are kids, the oldest being (In my school at least) we every had was 20 in high school. And still then if they still are in high school at 20, noone there is a relied source. You have to look that this stuff, exam the site you find the stuff on, finding the sources, even calling them up if you really want to know. There are things called books. They have topics like this that have sources to back up.
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