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  1. Okay I have 5 Flying Wings I'm going to give away. These are renamed Elytra with Mending and Unbreaking III on them.

    Here's the kick... you have to nominate a player you feel has contributed something to this community and thus is deserving of this nice gesture.

    Obviously do not nominate your alts and don't try to scam in any way. I want to do something nice for someone so I need your help finding someone to be nice to.

    Ultimately the decision is still mine who these go to but all nominations will be considered.
  2. I nominate Khixan cause she's awesome as everyone on smp8 knows.
  3. I nominate ShelLuser :)
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  4. I nominate aikar cause yolo
  5. Since you're giving away 5, can I nominate that many? :p its hard to pick just 1.
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  6. yes you can nominate as many people as you want
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  7. I nominate Khixan as well. :)
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  8. I nominate:

    She Is Awesome in many ways!!
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  9. I nominate fdny21
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  10. I nominate Khixan as well for all her hard work on public community services. It's impressive. Even though I don't know her that well ;)

    I'd also like to nominate SSRC (SSRCMegaMall). He's a player from SMP2 who's always busy with trying to make things better. You may not know him but that's what makes this so special: he's there where it counts. If you do /park on SMP2 and look around you'll suddenly see a huge majestic tower. Guess who made that :)

    fBuilderS. He's not only a GRIP member, he's an active GRIP member and will really go out of his ways to try and help you out. He helps GRIP, he helps the players... Yeah, IMO he's also very deserving.

    Last but certainly not least: BlinkyBinky. She's a fellow contrib. member and also very helpful towards new and older players alike. When you got questions or problems while she's around then she'll try to answer & help you best as she can. And although I can't comment directly I can say that I really like what she's done within the contrib. team so far.
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  11. I'm going to nominate khixan as well. The work she does for the community is impressive.
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  12. ===================================================================
    The first pair of Flying Wings has been given away to khixan for her recognition by her peers.
    She has been mailed the Flying Wings and a signed book

  13. Aw man, thanks guys <3
    Let's stop nominating me though please. Wayne probably cringes in horror every time he sees me in game >:D He owes me several hours of hard labor :p Which I may never collect just to keep him in terror muahaha :D
    I am not really that nice of a person :cool:

    These are some of the people who are responsible for a lot of what I think you all give me credit for (sorry, this is gonna get long) -
    RDmaster - Patience of a saint. Quietly does a ton for the community, never posts about it, never says anything. For example, smp8 has a lovely wild end portal entrance and a ring to the outer end areas because of him. Know why 3 Grinders exist? Because he donated that site. Know who saved the Sushi Drop build when the supplies were stolen? RD did. He always has my back. When I was constantly having trouble seeing in any shaded areas, he made me DCs of night vision so I could play.
    CorruptedSmile - smp8 Public Wild Utilities absolutely would not exist without him. He has been at every single build even when I try to get him to take a break. He's done more work on those builds than anyone. He does more inspections and maintenance than anyone. Pigmentus would not keep functioning without him. Sushi Drop would have never gotten finished without him. Hot Rods fixes after 1.9 would not have been completed without him. Much like RD, he quietly does things for the whole community, like restoring the wild end for us. He's also the main reason I have developed any skills in this game. Lots of teaching me and practice with him.
    MrCDub - The other monster worker of smp8 Public Wild Utilities. He also has taught me and many others a lot of technical things about MC that I wouldn't have had a clue about. Gear, tools, supplies, works his tush off, and always teaching me how to build/do it better.
    Slvr - Relatively new to the smp8 Public Wild Utilities team, and she's after Corruptedsmile's title for most inspections and maintenance work. She always tries her best to improve herself and anything she comes across. She completed the Wild South rail decor, and has helped on several of the public projects. Tons of fun, and a great person and player :)
    B0bbyTheBuild3r - New to the smp8 Public Wild Utilities team, and has already made a huge impact with Hot Rods, fixing Pigmentus for 1.9 with RDmaster, and helping renovate NHG. Great with redstone, really fun person, and incredibly nice.
    WitherDoggie - Ever reliable, somehow manages to keep his cool, kind, helpful, and works his heart out on any project. He's been a huge help on the NHG renovation.
    BenMA - Heart of gold and will give you the shirt off his back. Very passionate about everything he takes an interest in. He's been a huge help on the NHG renovation.
    Fishcat - If you've hung out with her, you know why. Kindest person on EMC. Also put many hours into many of the public builds. I think she did 7 hours straight out on Hot Rods alone.
    FlareonInAction - Another person who would give you the shirt off his back, and has heavily contributed to all the public builds. He's also great about helping new players and has far more patience than I do.
    TotoStyle - For always being super fun, helping others in game, and forcing us to do Fe(II).
    AverageWalrus - Despite making it his mission in life to drive me insane with not remembering MC spawn mechanics, he has contributed to many of the public build designs, most notably Pigmentus and Hot Rods. Also, he's a lot of fun and always keeps his cool :)

    I could seriously keep going with this and wind up writing a full novel here. There are a lot more people who have been so generous and helpful, and made smp8 Public Utilities happen and make logging into EMC a joy for me. Kaptrix, SeffyChan, ArmaniBerry, UltiPig (ham mafia!), H00D, ChumMiner, Ruari, CodyGraw, ChickenDice, AgentCreeper, SgtPepper4, Scr0craft, DubChef, Prometha, CatNapInn, MrGrayWolf, CallMeTower, BushyKSpecial, SteveClasher, Gawadrolt, MasterDude, Jadzia, AmusedStew, SparkleRose, and this list will just keep going. Thank you all, very very much <3

    EDIT - And right after I post that above, Wayne gives me wings. LOL, figures <3 Thank you guys <3
  14. Nominate someone else nub ;p
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  15. I nominate SoulPunisher. He's a... colossal idiot and is mean to everyone he meets. I just wanted to nominate him because we usually think the same way - It's kind of like we're the same person sometimes.


    I'd like to nominate ShelLuser. I don't agree with everything he says, but he's put a lot of work into this community - from GRIP to his contribution team work, to just being pretty friendly, and for his 'A Storm of Swords' length responses to questions other players have. He gets a lot of recognition for it, but a little bit more wouldn't hurt, right? :p

    There's plenty of other people too, I just can't think of them. I haven't been all that active in-game over the last year due to my exams, so I can't speak for people active there, but I'm sure there are a lot of them.
  16. I would also like to nominate:
    Sgt_Pepper4 ( hopefully I spelled this right XD )
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  17. I'd like to nominate ElfinCarrot. He's single handedly created Underhelm, a large wild community on smp2 that is comprised with players from all different smps working together. It's a refreshing thing to see!
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  18. #FanClub ( Jokes )

    I'd like to nominate ShelLuser. Helps me to this day try to find my spot on EMC, since Im having so much trouble with that. I have a few plans in the future I want to do thanks to him. Thanks Shel.
  19. :D Many it shall be!
    And the reasons are many for each. But I will limit myself to very short definitions. So do not take these comments as a popularity thing. This is what I've seen these players do for others, and how they treat them, from my perspective.

    fBuilderS-Super helpful friendly guy
    AyanamiKun -Cuz y shuld Shel have all da fun? :p
    607 - Great EMC community pillar
    AverageWalrus - Very involved player with public builds : Speaking of which ^^ congrats khixan!!
    azoundria - For a shop on each smp, and also the extremely helpful search engine for items :D
    ElfinCarrot - For Underhelm!
    Quartzic - For whale isle my first family/outpost on Emc and for being an awesome guy
    RougeLoupes - Cuz they know why ~_^ plus always willing to help anyone, even before they ask for help.
    Chespinlover77 - She's a very active senior community member always willing and able to make the game fun for everyone
    willies952002 - He's good with the technical stuff, so if you got a problem or a bug he can help you work it out.
    OmarWrongChat - Helpfully friendly and willing to make friends
    crystaldragon13 - The nurturing mother dragon of SMP1
    Dramanya - The spreader of joy and fun events ;)
    DatzMine - For spending SO much time and irl money to make a place for us players to have fun
    CDJS - For sparking my new addiction for decorative player heads. Plus you know awesome builds :p

    I think I better stop here, there are more but lol I could list half of EMC ^_^
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  20. I nominate Khixan because yay bandwagons.
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