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  1. So recently I was given some stuff by a friend that was completely unexpected and I am forever grateful for that. I'd like to keep that going with this months giveaway.

    Giveaway Information

    • To enter simply post a comment and talk about someone who did something special for you or an act of generosity. No need to post names, just a brief comment about something is all.
    • Please limit your entries to main accounts only, so no alts.
    • Entries are valid for the month of March and winners will be announced on April 1st as soon as I can. New deadline: Sunday March 20, 2015 @ 5PM EST. (EMC Time)
    • All entries will be given a number. Numbers will be chosen using Random.org as always.
    • 1 winner will be drawn for each item.
    • Also if I missed putting someone's name on the list, please PM. I will be double checking before drawing names anyways.
    Good luck to all! :)



    15. PinkCaker_Senpai - Marlix Chestpiece
    5. IMN666 - Marlix Chestpiece
    39. ww2fan168 - Marlix Bow
    26. dshadowx1 - RainbowChin PVP Head
    34. Shadow_Dcord - Maxarian Head
    25. luckycordel - Turkey Slicer Drop
    20. Acemox2k - Momentus Toothpick
    40. Omegian04 - 2015 Avalauncher
    21. Rosy2696- Enraged Guardian Egg
    57. bitemenow15 - 2015 Headless Horseman Mask
    49. gladranger7 - Headless Horseman Axe
    9. SkeleTin007 - Headless Horseman Axe

    1. FDNY21
    2. nuclearbobomb
    3. kaptrix
    4. Eviltoade
    5. IMN666
    6. BearJedi
    7. God_Of_Gods
    8. Tigerstar
    9. SkeleTin007
    10. ShyguytheGamer1
    11. Rundercaster
    12. padde73
    13. Luckygreenbird
    14. TomvanWijnen
    15. PinkCaker_Senpai
    16. Killshot18
    17. Sachrock
    18. Mman
    19. Guill
    20. Acemox2k
    21. Rosy2696
    22. Qkazoochan
    23. Gage9942
    24. Keliris
    25. luckycordel
    26. dshadowx1
    27. tuqueque
    28. Dj__Krazy
    29. Kytula
    30. Rhythmically
    31. KindlingFire
    32. RoamTheEarth
    33. Davinchicken
    34. Shadow_Dcord
    35. GeneralWillikers
    36. skyrimed
    37. mehtryx
    38. WitherDoggie
    39. ww2fan168
    40. Omegian04
    41. Birosquinha
    42. Shnyff
    43. RealTomsmasher
    44. PhoenixAffinity
    45. Goldfish_Cannon
    46. snappes27
    47. JVEnraged
    48. Crazy_TJ
    49. gladranger7
    50. jewel_king
    51. crafter31211
    52. Porphos
    53. ArkWarrior1
    54. plamencia
    55. MelleTheHundred
    56. SteamboatWillie
    57. bitemenow15
    58. testman12345
    59. CallMeTower
    60. CallumDAKing
    61. Slymanbran
    62. MonsterKlaw
    63. Dufne
  2. There's this guy that was very kind and to give back to all of the community, he made a March Giveaway to give out some items that he wants to share with others. Yes, I'm saying that this thread is generous! :)
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  3. My mom got me a new computer for my birthday.
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  4. I have three, all given to me by smp8 members. The first was a person that gave me an entire set of diamond armor a couple weeks after I started on emc and even enchanted it for me. I was super happy at the time of course because I was new and needed it. The second is a person (who may or may not be my neighbor) that bought me my first diamond supporter membership, which also happened to include the holiday message (from 2014). I've been a supporter ever since. The last one is a person that gave me my first Marlix bow. This was also in 2014 so they were nowhere near as common then and I was super excited because I was determined to get an entire Marlix set. Also, it's awesome of you to do a giveaway and good luck to everyone who enters.
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  5. Someone once gave me his entire mall and a few hundred thousand rupees. :confused:
    Was one of my first real friends on EMC.
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  6. Added some of the prizes. There may be more to come :p
  7. someone from work gave me an old toaster because i off handly mentioned one day that i use my oven to make toast
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  8. Someone paid me rupees for supplying them enchanted books for free
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  9. For Christmas Birosquinha planned and put together a scavenger hunt thing for me. It took a lot of work on his part and ended up with giving me an excellent horse. It was a lot of fun and I thought that was really nice of him to do it.
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  10. Someone gave me 1 rupee once.
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  11. Someone helped me out plan my 500th day event. It went decent, but you never know the second I plan might be better! :p
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  12. I got 55K from my sister for no reason...not
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  13. My mum bought me another minecraft account before my birthday :)
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  14. After taking a long pause from EMC I didn't have a lot of money and I wanted my brother's old res but couldn't afford to force claim, then this nice guy came and helped me out with the money and have helped me with a lot more than that:)
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  15. My friend surprised me by renovating the front side of one of my buildings to say "500" celebrating my 500th day. He even had a drop down curtain of sand to unveil it.
    Mah bro, BrenJone.
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  16. I once bought a horse for like 100 rupees, and got 2 horses! :D I then returned a few stacks of carrots, as a gift back (couldn't think of anything better...)

    Also, someone once gave me like 2XXX rupees, because I was that amount away from being able to pay someone. I then gave him some stuff that I had laying in my vault. :)

    Often when people do something nice for me, I try to find something I can do back for them, even if it's only a small thing. :)

    And thank you ThaKloned for holding this giveaway! :)
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  17. At the 300k member chest event, SweetCutey gave me her gold supporter voucher that she had found in one of the chests. I greatly thank her for it as if I didn't have it, I'd still only have one res. Also, I appreciate the support I get from other people. It's life changing in the best way possible.
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  18. Awesome. Count me in :D
  19. I got loads of wool from someone when I first started here
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  20. One of my friends quit Emc and gave me a bunch of really nice items, i am very grateful for that and i am sad to see him go.
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