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  1. Bleep! Bloop! Blab!

    *Technical Difficulties*

    Hey guys! I'm running this... "Just for the sake of it" Giveaway.
    All you need to do to enter is to post a song that's from 2011-2016. It can be from any artist although it cannot have foul language. I don't want my parents thinking i listen to songs with that kind of language. But, if it does have foul language, make sure you write a warning out. E.g: [WARNING: Foul Language].

    The time for signing up ends on the 3rd January 12am UTC (7pm EST). The winners will hopefully be announced on the 4th and be given their prizes.

    Prize Pool:

    1st Winner (First one randomly chosen):
    x1 2014 Remembrance Poppy
    x1 Dragon Stone
    1x Stack of Diamonds
    (Any Donations)

    2nd Winner:
    x4 Cooked Turkey
    x1 Spooky Egg
    x1 Stack Of Diamonds
    (Any Donations)

    3rd Winner:
    x1 2015 Remembrance Poppy
    x1 Cupid's Bow
    x1 Stable Voucher
    (Any Donations)

    Please do donate for the winners. This Giveaway is possible without donations but it would be an even better one with donations. To Donate, message me on the forums then set up and access chest with the items on you're res.

    Please choose a number from 1-50. In the event that we get over 50 people joining (Unlikely), I'll add more numbers.

    2. Dj__Krazy
    4. padde73
    5. ReptillianCat
    7. iamfuturetrunks
    8. dannylee8
    10. RealTomsmasher
    11. crafter31211
    12. fBuilderS
    13. Acemox2k
    14. lottie1664
    15. amadai
    16. 607
    18. Cowman18
    19. BaadGamer
    20. bskin34
    21. SkareCboi
    25. Jelle68
    26. Lukas3226
    27. Dufne
    28. MelleTheHundred
    29. BenMA
    31. EmoryCrafts
    33. Agent_Notch
    34. nltimv
    37. poofasaurus
    41. Seanawesome14
    42. TechNinja_42
    44. Apcmagician
    45. SteamingFire

    Good luck!
  2. First!

    Blank Space? (By Taylor Swift) I thought of it because I've heard it on the radio before.
    I would like 31, please.

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!
  3. Send My Love To Your New Lover by Adele!!! and I'll choose 8!
  4. Number 21 please. Galantis - Runaway
  5. Could the song be only instruments? If so, "Haven't We Been Here" Before by Jake Shimabukuro. If not "Rather be" by Pentatonix (They did a cover)
    4 please
  6. It doesn't have to be English, right? (yes, this is targeted at little girls. You may judge me :rolleyes:)

    10000 luchtballonnen - K3 (probably inspired by 99 luftballons from Nena which I like much more, but that's obviously not from 2011-2016 ;))
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  7. Hmm ill throw my hat into the ring. Here is my song. (safe for everyone)

    And ill take 7. :p
  8. See you again =P
    12 please
  9. 32 and If i die young by band perry
  10. Do you have a number?
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  11. 27 Please! :)

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  12. Trailer Hitch, 29 please :)
  13. Yeah, I just realised >.< 16, please! :)
  14. Nightcore on Hardcore....hmmm... any number is fine...
  15. Gonna need a song >.<
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  16. 14, and Hello by Adele
  17. Bills by LunchMoney Lewis :)

  18. "Happy" Pharral Williams, 2013. I would like the number 13 if it is available.
  19. Is the winner chosen randomly?