[Giveaway, AMA] 600th day, 1000th post, 500th like, My Birthday

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  1. A lot of stuff happened in the past couple days as the title would lead you to imagine.

    Yesterday was my 600th day, as BlackKnight1021 was quick to point out.
    This post is my 1000th post.
    Kephras gave me my 500th like, not on a thread, but on a status of mine.
    And finally, the 16th of March was my birthday.

    I decided 5 minutes 2 days ago that I would do a short AMA and giveaway to celebrate.
    The giveaway will be done by picking numbers, and then one will be chosen on random.org.

    The prizes are as follows:

    A single chest of iron ingots
    A Luckygreenbird head
    16,000r [my birthdate x # of posts]

    If you want to donate for the giveaway prize, pm me and I'll post your donation and recognition at the bottom.

    The AMA is simple; ask me anything! You don't have to ask a question to enter into the giveaway, but you can if you want.

    Here are the numbers

    1. MrBigBux
    2. FirstJugBurgerz
    3. Agent_Notch
    4. Qwerty189
    5. Dj__Krazy
    6. WolfThunderblade
    7. Kephras
    8. hashhog3000
    9. Luckypat
    10. Hermioneluvr
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. generalfelino015
    13. ChickenButler
    14. Kyle12cu1
    15. Chizmaro
    16. HylianNinja
    17. BugsyWPfeiffer
    18. 72Volt
    19. 820327
    20. jay2a
    21. BlackKnight1021
    22. RebelSpartan0826
    23. Defluxer
    24. tedrocker
    25. Kev20022
    26. TEQ_Inc
    27. Canuckshockey
    30. iamfuturetrunks
    31. Reindeer_
    34. golddigger221
    35. Damiensmom11

    I can mail the prizes and pay the winner. The entry will close 96 hours after this post and the numbers will be drawn shortly afterwards.

    Have a good giveaway, EMC.
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  2. Lucky number 7 for me, please :)
    And Happy Everything day!
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  3. 11 please. :)
    Happy birthday, spam day, and more :p
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  4. I will take 22. I will also let noah (killa) know about this.
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  5. 25 congrats on 600, 500 and 1000!
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  6. Who's your best friend?
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  7. Here. I will fix your spoiler.
    [SPOILER=Giveaway] [/SPOILER]
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  8. 23 Please
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  9. 18, because it is a factor of 72.
  10. I will take number 1 :D
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  11. 3 please! And congrats!
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  12. I would have to say BrenJone. He is the "B" in LB Ind. I also have known him the longest out of my friends, 11 years now to be exact.
    I just went in and clicked "remove formatting" which fixed it right up. Thanks for trying to help, though. :p

    Numbers updated
  13. 24 please and if you had to go without wifi for 2 years what would you do?
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  14. 21, and happy pretty much everything! I still remember when you showed me EMC like it was only 423 days ago....

    Question: Who is your favorite celebrity?
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  15. If it were to happen though, I would probably spend all my free time reading I guess. . .
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  16. Books are a great thing, friend.
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  17. What did you see when your eyes were opened? 16, please.
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  18. Happy Birthday.
    Can I have 13 please?
    What is your favorite Redstone creation?
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  19. 15
    How is your outpost doing?
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