[Giveaway] 3 Ore Busters

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  1. I would like (not need) an ore buster to give it as a gift to my EMC wife Lilyrox55. It would be my anniversary/apology gift to her since *sniff* I wasn't on EMC the *Sniff* day of our anniversary.

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  2. I want to save it for a few months then auction it off :p
  3. I want an ore buster because i am currently mining some quartz in the wastelands and fortune would be very very nice cause i need a lot for a building :D
  4. I want an ore buster because I wasnt able to get one during the time because I was too busy with school.
  5. Now here is a very bad reason in pokemon song.

    I wanna be, the very best..
    Like no was ever was....
    To get them, is my real guess,
    To store them is my causee!

    I will walk, a few blocks.
    Looking once or twice!
    Each pickax to wonder at,
    The power that's my pride!

    OREBUSTER! Gotta use them allllll!
    I know it's my villany....
    OREBUSTER! Oooooh, I don't need them,
    In a world where I eat potatoes!!!
    OREBUSTER, Gotta use them allllll!
    Our rupees will get pull us through...

    You give me and i'll give you
    Gotta use them allllll!

    Every ore, in my mineshaft
    With potatoes, I will face!
    I will mine, everyday...
    To claim my rightful rupees!

    Follow me, the potatoes are ripe..
    There's no better toooool!
    Arm in arm, we'll win the tool,
    It's always been my dreammmmm!
  6. I would like to enter to win an ore buster the reason is (with no evil lies form the depth of where evil stems from[yes battmeghs the joker]) to mine ores that's the reason this pick was designed I have 40 diamond ore in my ender chest that I have been waiting to be able to use an ore buster on if I had the ore buster I wouldn't sell it for quick cash (like sooome people said) I wouldn't use it to buy biscuits (like another person said) heck I wouldn't sell it to save my dogs (minecraft of coarse) it is just that fricken amazing I would use it for it's sole purpose to mine ores and get a crap ton of that coal, redstone, lapis luzuli, emeralds, and the big daddy of them all diamonds!
  7. I want an orebuster, because I need one for my ores, I've got a shop to stock, and some mines ti mine. Please?
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  8. Ever tried sugar cane in real life? It's amazing. SO GIVE ME ALL YOUR SUGAR CANE.

    Also, I would like an Ore Buster so I can store it for about a few months and then sell it at an auction for some rupees. With that money, I'll build up for the Foster's Home for Newcomers. It'll be real awesome if I get one. also look at this panda can you say no?
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  9. I don't want an ore buster sir, I need one. I'm out in the wild a lot and mine a lot. I go through picks A LOT and can't afford diamond and/or books to improve my picks. This would help me get two to three times the material in the same time. Plus I can use that material to sell in town to buy efficient equipment. Thank you so much for your time and for doing this. If I am choosen or not I'm happy your are helping others. Thank you.
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  10. NOTE: I want rupees... not the most exciting idea because well you don't.
  11. Well I want one so I can bust... some ores.... with an orebuster... to bust.... ores....bust...

    Pretty much all of the above. ^
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  12. I want one Orebuster pick because I want to have 1 to help my brother with his Roman Coliseum. He needs quartz for it, but we are both too poor to afford one. Check it out 8438! :D
  13. With an ore buster, I can go mine tons of coal. I will use said coal to throw at jcplugs in revenge for her leveling me 25 times with exp bottles.

    And you know, I like shiny stuff.
  14. I want a Ore Buster to mine ore's :)

    EDIT: are alts allowed?
  15. I want an Ore Buster because I can use it to mine ores. I have only had one, and It got stolen before I could use it. I don't have the money to pay for one, And I really really want an Ore Buster again.
  16. I want a orebuster because I am poor, so can't afford one, and I would use it to dig up LOTS of diamond.
  17. The use I can have for an Ore buster is simply so I can use it to get more out of my ores such as quartz, diamond and lapis. Thus putting a lot more gem resource back into the economy and since the buster will create a surplus on my hand, cheaper prices , more to go around , more to fluctuate in the economy and end up in a residence near you. I really don't have any selling purposes for it since you can help out more by using it. (Really good for quartz).
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  18. I want an ore buster, why?

    YOLO - You Only Live Once | I need one to last me until I die.
    Or, I need one, just cause!
  19. I want one for my Special EMC item Room in my 8 res project n smp6, that will be beside the dragon egg and ender crystal room
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