[Giveaway] 3 Ore Busters

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Biscuitboy, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I would love an ore buster because i am going to build a shop for the whole community to enjoy and having an ore buster would give me tons of ore for my shop. please i would love one. : ) it would be in good hands.
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  2. It's over lol (L=Lots / O=Of / L= Lava)
  3. I want the Ore Buster because at first you got 6k for clicking something but I paid someone to show me how to get that and I felt so dumb after doing that for I had to pay for more than half with my own rupees so I have one in its very last few its only used to mine the very fine ores so please... just help me :) and I think your awesome !
  4. People do not become staff because of what they posses or how popular they are. They become staff because they are the best group of people to manage the Empire.
  5. I know. :)
  6. I would like to have an orebuster for supporting the SMP4 Paradise project.

    We are using an insanely high amount of quartzblocks, making builds on 24 connected residences.
    These builds will include a surrounding wall, special corner-builds (we are working at one on #8060), a 6-residence-big palace, a 2-residence-big garden, and many other builds.
    We are using so many quartz and we have long not enough quartz.

    The orebuster would save us loads of time gathering quartz, simply because we can get the maximum amount of quartz flakes out of an ore with the orebuster.

    The orebuster will support the SMP4 Paradise project, by saving more time.
    This also effects in a faster completion of the entire build.
    From the first block, to the last block, the building of the Paradise will be recorded and posted to youtube. This will gain more new players, thus it is better for EMC.

    Edit; I feel like an idiot. It seemed like this event was already over ><
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  7. I want/need one because i have almost no luck finding diamond ore, and when i do, it's just 1-2. If i had a orebuster, then i would be able to maximize the amount i get from that small amount of ore.
  8. Guys its over the orebusters are gone, stop asking :p
  9. D: I'm too late! Nooooo!