[Giveaway] 3 Ore Busters

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    ENDS: 6/20/13 at 12:00 PM EST
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  2. I want one, but have no reason to need one :D
  3. I need an ore buster because I want to mine a mountain of diamond ore so I can sell them for 1r to ruin the economy with Aikar then drown all the Admins in my mountain of diamond and rule EMC. I will make JackBiggin and Alexchance be my slaves and fan me with coal (mined with my ore buster) and lapis (also mined with ore buster)
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  4. Give me the orebuster and no one gets hurt!
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  5. Aight, Listen up big homie...I have kids to feed... & I'm a single Dad you feel me? I'm just trying to be able to feed my kids biscuits. You know why? BECAUSE THEY LOVE BISCUITS. Dawg, you have to pick me, I'm just a little African American. " I have a dream..." " I have a dream.." " That one day, all African Americans can posses Ore Busters."
  6. I want an ore buster because I can't afford one!
  7. I would enjoy this orebuster... Because... I like mining quartz :p
  8. I would like an Ore Buster because I've had a dream of opening a rare items shop and if i got one i would be very grateful :)
  9. The question should be why NOT want an Ore Buster. I mean, look at this thing. LOOK AT IT. It's perfect for busting ores. It breaks blocks carefully. We all love getting tons of coal with this awesome tool.
    My friend and I pass hours discussing who will mine 3 stacks of redstone ore. "I spend 12 hours a day mining to hear you don't want to break the blocks?", my friend would say. These things can destroy a whole friendship.
    But with the ore buster, I will gladly do it, because of the Efficiency VI effect.
    For decades I have been trying to come up with an ideal way to bust an ore. "Use a pickaxe" they said. Well... Pickaxes don't give you a fortune V bonus when mining. I would get so frustrated when mining an ore and only getting a single piece of it. Oh, the rages. Then, my friend, you showed me this giveaway.

    My life will change with an ore buster. Thanks to it, I already see light in the horizon. /sarcasmmodeoff
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  10. I want an ore buster to feed my innocent wolfies. I need to mine coal so I can sell on the black market At the local market to buy rotten flesh. My wolfies will go hungry without it, and slowly die. :(
  11. I would like an ore buster due to the pure fact it is shiny as a light on a dark wall, just staring at you shimmering with its enchantments. Just hitting a diamond ore gives you an electrical serge, but it only happens when you use an ore buster. The way it is in my hands, it works for me, I would never give up. The sun rises and I set out to hit my ores with the ore buster and when the sun sets I return home with an inventory of fresh mineral. These are all examples of why i would like an ore buster.
  12. I would love one because I recently sold mine because I needed the money fast and now I need one again D: Well thats all I got xD
  13. I would like one, because it will make buying 10 stacks of diamond ore worth it.
  14. Bump!
    Note: I do hope we can have some realistic posts xD. I love the creativity at the moment though!
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  15. Well ima be brief with this \o3o/ cus idk hehe, well i would like to have an ore buster because i would use it for mining the ores \o3o/ hehe, you know the normal use for it. And yes i would be thankfull for it :) \o3o/
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  16. I really want one, una, ore buster. Because it will help me at my main EMC work, or rupess generator, mining. So if you could give me one ore buster it will help me a lot. Thnx for this giveaway :D
  17. There is a boy... his name is Timmy but everyone calls him Little Timmy. So last year Little Timmy had a terrible birthday as he got cancer of the body and only a couple lapis ore. Little Timmy really loves lapis lazuli and wanted to get as much as he could with it so he could live as happily as he could for the rest of his life consisting of cancer and people that get him crappy gifts like sugar cane(really who the hell likes sugar cane?). Little Timmy had the lapis lazuli blues and got really depressed about how to get what he deserved. He saw other players of EMC derping around with their Ore Busters getting tons of coal, redstone, and diamonds from their ores. Little Timmy asked a moderator how to obtain one of these tools of amazement and was told they costed 6k for one. Little Timmy tried to earn money in every way possible with his serious illness and that way was getting payed to be tested on to try to cure cancer. These tests were terrible and damaged Little Timmy's body and mind slightly but he finally got the money to buy the Ore Buster he ever so longed. Little Timmy returned to /Town to go back to the 60k shop for the Ore Buster and checked each corner of the Town square but could not find it. Little Timmy asked everyone where the shop went with the Ore Busters and they said that it was a limited offer. Little Timmy was crying about how mean the cruel world is with cheap parents and friends, cancer, not very much lapis lazuli to make himself happy. Little Timmy needs his lapis lazuli as he found out from his doctor that he needs it or he will get diabetes. Do it for Little TimTim. Do it for the world one cancer diabetic child with cheap parents and no Ore Buster at a time! Saving one may save many! Little Timmy is waiting for someone to set him free!
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  18. My reason is
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  19. I want one simply because I don't have one. When the Ore Busters were up for sale, I was trying to find out what the extra two levels of Fortune gave and no one knew. I didn't care to buy any with the intention of reselling them so the sales were stopped before I could convince myself that the amount of extra items per ore dropped would make it worth the 6k.