[GIVEAWAY + 2 Years AMA] 30k - 2 Year Celebration!

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  1. To start off i would like to thank everyone on EMC, especially the staff and all my close friends for making this amazing server what it is, I trully am a lucky guy to have found this server and its community so Thank You for everything.

    Anyway, in 4 days ill be celebrating my second year on EMC and to thank this wonderful community ive decided to have a giveaway and an AMA, because why not? :D

    Ill be giving away 50k total (Sorry for the title im an idiot, it IS 50k), there will be 5 winners and each will get 10k (No alts pls). In addition you can ask me anything you want and i will answer it (I wont answer if i do not like the question). You can chose available number from 1-50 and i will use random.org to chose 5 people. I will chose these people when all numbers are filled.

    1. Albertma222
    2. Samsimx
    3. Woblerbutsy102
    4. Cfcdog13
    5. High_Jacker
    7. DeamonSpadeXD
    9. Hashhog3000
    10. Mitaro_Soul
    11. Kippy159
    12. DogsRNice
    13. JaydenFerrer123
    14. Seanawesome14
    15. 607
    16. Highlancer54
    17. HurricanHero35
    18. Tech_Ninja42
    19. H_Cat_5000
    20. Kitten3101
    21. HAELLO13579
    22. Ethy202
    24. BanditLM
    25. Havioxs
    26. Lukas3226
    27. Rosy2696
    28. KarateKick2001
    29. Dj__Krazy
    30. Porphyrian
    32. G00tch
    33. Porphos
    34. troop53no
    35. Ark_Warrior1
    36. Traynfreek
    37. Generalfelino105
    38. Ultimate_GG
    40. BubbleNinja13
    42. BailiB
    43. MrLegitIsLegit
    44. Jkrmnj
    45. Gap542
    47. Snow_Freak
    48. PlayTehMinecraft
    49. Harrtvboy
    50. Crafter31211

    If you would like to know more about my EMC life you can visit 18077 on SMP9, im building a "Hall of Memories" (even dough its not actually a hall :p), it's still in progress but ill hopefully put some of my story by the time people start seeing this thread.


    Also please dont mind any english mistakes on this forum since english is my 2nd language. :p

    Once again i would like to thank everyone on EMC for filling these last 2 years of my life with fun and happiness! ;)
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  2. #2
    What's your first language?
  3. Im from Portugal, so its portuguese! :D
    And ill assume you want number 2? Or is it 2nd to see the thread? :p
  4. the #2 :p
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  5. No one wants 10k? :p

  6. Nah, why? ;)

    What kind of questions do you not like?
    Oh, and number 15 please :3
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  7. Congratz on 2 years :D
    What made you stay for this 2 years?
    Number 26 please :)
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  8. Why.. why but.. I wanted number #54 but.. there isn't any 54.. WHY?!


    I choose you! Go Number #45!
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  9. Well i dont like questions i dont know the answer to unless they make me think untill i figure out the correct answer.

    Everything about EMC :D
    The wonderful community, the endless fun, the economy and the unique nature of EMC compared to other servers.
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  10. Lots of numbers left. :p
  11. 4.
    What are your main hobbies?
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  12. 36 please.
    What's your favorite anime?
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  13. I'd like 38.
    Who's your favorite character out of any anime/manga?
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  14. Playing the piano and playing video games.
    Thats a hard one since ive seen a lot... I could name a few of the ones i liked the most, Guilty Crown, Soul Eater, SwordArtOnline, Log Horizon, Hitsugi No Chaika, Noragami, No Game No Life, Angel Beats and dozens more that i loved. :p
    Thats also a hard one. :confused:
    I really like Luffy from One Piece, because he is at the same time the comic relief character, the protagonist and the main badass of the story. I also like the personality of Nice from Hamatora The Animation (in case you dont know who he is, its the guy on my avatar ;)) and also Shiroe from Log Horizon.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention Vash from Trigun, love that character as well. :D
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  15. Still plenty of numbers left. :p
  16. 33 plz. Congrats! What is your favorite food in Minecraft?
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  17. 22 please! Red or blue?
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  18. 11 please... Favorite animal IRL..??
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  19. #25 Do you remember me
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  20. Milk, because I drink a lot of zombie virusĀ“.:D
    If that doesnt count as food I guess ill go with steak. Juicy steak.

    Blue, altough my favourite colour is Orange.
    Ducks, Red Pandas and Platypus'.
    I can somewhat remember your name from a long time ago altough I dont really have any memory of talking to you.
    That being said I would love to re-meet you. :D
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