[GIVEAWAY + 2 Years AMA] 30k - 2 Year Celebration!

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  1. 48 please,

    What song do you like the best? :)
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  2. Mostly songs no one else likes :I
    Because they're japanese. This is my favourite song:
    I like it probably because i absolutely loved the anime, its my favourite anime.
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  3. 12 congrats!
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  4. Thanks. :D

    12 is taken Jayden, mind if i give you 13?
    All your's. :D

    9 Numbers left!
  5. 7 days left, and 9 numbers left. :D
  6. Can I have them all?
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  7. No. :confused:
  8. sure ill take 13
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  10. #5 Please!

    How/Why Did You Start Minecraft? Its A Question Which I Love To Hear The Answer Too :3
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  11. Not sure, altough it'll take more than 2 months IMO, since its such a huge build i have to take regular breaks so it doesnt become boring, because if it does become boring then I won't want to build it anymore. :D
    Altough ill work extra hard to finish it even if it ends up becoming a nuisance.
    Ive answered this before :p :
    I liked the game from what i saw with CS so i decided to buy it and play myself. :D
  12. Nice!
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  13. So, Judging by your fandom of CaptianSparklez, do you watch his Mianite Streams? They're getting pretting interesting.
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  14. Worth a shot :D
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  15. I used to watch all his videos but now the only MC i watch on youtube is from KYRSP33DY and his friends.
    Other than that i watch GMOD videos and a lot of other stuff.
  16. :D May I please have number 48 kind sir?
    My little pony or Assassins Creed? oh and, my res in the background mwahahahahaha
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  17. Is that really a question. :confused:
    AC all the way! :D and its not just 1 res in the backround. :p
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  18. 4AM Bump, 5 days left. :D