[GIVEAWAY + 2 Years AMA] 30k - 2 Year Celebration!

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  1. Not really sure... probably stone brick and netherrack/netherbrick because of my 2nd and 3rd res'.
    I would like there to be more helpfull people (not that there arent a lot of them) that could help new players or anyone that needs help when they ask for it.
    I would also love more communication, sometimes there can be 25 people on a server but no one is talking in chat because they are all doing something, i for one love to talk while i build. :D
    Sorry for the late reply xD
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  2. Hello, I was wondering when the drawing ends. And happy late 2 year!
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  3. When all the numbers are filled or i guess i can have a deadline in case they arent all filled for a long time, lets say August 1st? :D
  4. Okay, thanks!
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  5. Big Bump! :D
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  6. 9 days untill I choose the winners, still some numbers left. :D
  7. 20 please!

    How little rupees have you ever had?
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  8. 47 please :p

    What is the best anime you ever watched?
    and do you recommend any?
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  9. 40 Plz! Happy belated 2 years! :3
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  10. Steins;Gate, is my absolute favourite anime of all time. :D
    I can recommend a few yes, ^that one and Guilty Crown are the ones i recommend the most, but you can also watch Angel Beats!, Soul Eater, No Game No Life, Noragami and Trigun. :D

    Thanks! :D
  11. ill check Steins;Gate , Since NoGameNoLife doesn't have new episodes atm
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  12. Yet another bump. :D
  13. 8 days left! (well in an hour or so) :p
  14. ?
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  15. Oh sorry, i guess it would be 0 rupees. :p
    Ive been at 0 rupees twice now.
  16. Another bump, there are still numbers left. :D
  17. 44 please.
    What was your favorite event on EMC in the last 2 years?
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  18. 30 plz. What did you first do on EMC?
    (couldn't think of anything else)
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  19. can I have the number 49
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  20. Thats a really hard one. :D They we're all great.
    Well i loved Krysyy's and Moose's 2 Year Event, that was a blast and i got quite a lot of good stuff.
    Also, every Mob Arena ever. Its just so much fun. :p
    1st thing i did was finish the tutorial. :p
    But after that i set off to the wild for around 2 weeks and came back with a lot of goods, then i claimed 18746 and started my life in town.