[GIVEAWAY + 2 Years AMA] 30k - 2 Year Celebration!

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  1. 9 , On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate Hamatora?
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  2. 42. Whats your best selling item?
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  3. #7 please, from a scale of 1-10 what's your favorite color of the alphabet?
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  4. I would 1st buy a diamond voucher, get 2x2 reses and build the biggest and funnest project (No idea what dough :confused:) that i could.
    Orange, its my favourite colour. :D
    Mantis Shrimp.
    Seriously, they are badass.
    I shall! :D
    Without a doubt a 10! :D
    9 is already taken by Hashhog3000.
    Despite "some" plotholes I would happily give it an 8ish.
    *Insert DeuxExMachina response*
  5. #10
    What do you like most about EMC?
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  6. You know what a mantis shrimp is? You have earned my respect. :p #MantisShrimp4Life
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  7. 37, HTC or IPhone ?
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  8. 18 please, If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
    Congratz on 2 years!
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  9. Like ive said before, its the community. :D
    Im not very knowledgable in phones but since im a guy that uses a Mac and has Apple merchendise everywhere around the house i would say iPhone. :D
    That is such a hard question. :confused:
    Ive ask myself that thousands of times and can never choose a single power because there are so many amazing ones for every different situation.
    Altough some of my favourite ones would be the power of Sound (being able to travel at the speed of sound via soundwaves and being able to hit someone at the speed of sound ( this is a reference to my avatar's power btw (which is Nice from "Hamatora The Animation"))), any or all elemental powers, a more passive one which would be the power to observe any and all information around me ( which leads to noticing every little detail of my suroundings ) and of course the power a lot of people would wish they had which is the ability to stop/slow down/speed up time ( endless possiblities of fun and shenanigans??? ). :D

  10. Number 42 please. :)

    Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?
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  11. Definitely the horse sized duck, its better than being outnumbered. :p
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  12. Sorry! i didnt see your post untill now :eek:
    My best selling item, well, no idea since my shop isnt being stocked and ive given up on it a long time ago. :p
    Do you mind picking another number since BailiB did post it first, i just didnt see it, sorry for the inconvenience :confused:
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  13. 43? :)
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  14. Done. :D
  15. 12 please
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  16. Its all yours. :D

    Also, there are a dozen more numbers left.
  17. Seems my number was taken... I'll take an order of number 29
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  18. Your order has been set. :D
  19. Numbers are still up for grabs! :D
  20. I choose #34

    What do you think was your most purchased block or item from a player shop?
    Also, any general recomendations or changes you'd like to see us players make in the community? (either in MC or on the website)
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