[GIVEAWAY + 2 Years AMA] 30k - 2 Year Celebration!

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  1. #28 please, and happy anniversary!
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  2. #16 please, and Congrats on two years! That is so amazing!
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  3. As of 1 hour ago im officially 2 years old in EMC. :p
    Also, lots of numbers still to be claimed!
  4. 32 please :)

    What did you eat for breakfast?

    Congrats on 2 years :cool:
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  5. 19 Please.

    Congratulations on attaining 2 years!
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  6. Drank a cup of milk and ate 2 toasts with butter. :p
    Thanks. :D
    Thank you. :D
  7. Still quite a few numbers left. :D
  8. Minecraft or Terraria?
  9. Minecraft obviously. :D

    (considering i havent even played terraria :p).
  10. ?enirboreH kaeps uoy oD
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  11. #17 pls and what is your favorite ore???
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  12. Could i please have 27? Who/where did you discover minecraft first?
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  13. 35 please! Happy 2 Years!
    What is your favorite part about EMC?
    How did you find out about EMC?
    Who was your first friend on EMC?
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  14. Lapis Lazuli. :D
    Well i kind of just randomly started watching CaptainSparklez and ended up buying the game.
    1. The community without a doubt, I love all the features EMC brings to MC, but what really makes EMC is its amazing community.
    2. Random advert on what i think was planetminecraft, i was looking for a server at the time after my old one went down so i gave it a shot and it was one of the best decisions of my life. xD
    3. xXMiNeCrAfT_kInGXx ( That name :p)
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  15. Still lots of numbers left. :D
  16. 21 plz,
    what would you do with 10 million rupees if you got it from someone?
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  17. 24 please :) green or orange?
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  18. Congrats, and thanks for the great giveaway! :D I'll take 9, please. What's your favorite undersea creature?
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  19. Number 1, please. Rock on, man. Rock on.
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  20. 50 plz

    On a scale of one to ten how has 2 years of EMC been?
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