Give away: Uber Pick, the pick axe Uber_Corq touched!

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  1. Mman, I will give you 10k for the pickaxe.

    You don't know how to harness its power to full potential; it's better off in my hands!
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  2. YES!!!! this is all I've ever wanted! Thanks so much!! this will go in my renamed item museum *HINT HINT*
  3. Omai. eue; Well, THAT was interesting... Congrats to the winner :D
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  4. Well guess who just, through blood/sweat/tears, worked for Mman to earn the pickaxe for himself?

    That's right, I now possess this item once again, and for the best possible reason. Yes, I am going to blow it the hell up, right in front of ShelLuser, to teach him what happens when he tries to taunt me.

    Sweet revenge, we meet at last.
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  5. So I talked to my attorney (GripCEO) and for, say, the sum of 5 ("five") rupees we won't reveal the truth as to what really happened with that pick :cool:

    Wait, shouldn't that be 5 thousand rupees? Eh? (sorry guys, on the phone right now) oh, the money goes to me and not you so you really don't give a coarse dirt? Eh? Aaah, Corq is more likely to accept a smaller offer. Makes sense! No, I totally understand: you were talking about another deal. Sure, makes sense :)

    <hangs up phone>

    So yeah :) Oh; btw, this isn't extortion, I'm sure there's rules against that, but uhm... Friendly coercion! :D
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  6. That could not have gone more differently to what I intended.

    So I grabbed ShelLuser from whatever he was doing to come to a res of mine, for which I disabled his move flag and enabled the tnt flag. My plan was to make him watch, unable to jump in and stop it:

    He was clearly very distraught:

    So I lit the TNT and he watched it explode, helpless:

    The thing is, when the smoke cleared, we noticed something shiny at the bottom of the crater...

    The pickaxe somehow survived the blast, undamaged.

    I wasn't done yet. I grabbed a flint & steel, and threw the pickaxe into the fire, but still... didn't burn!

    Oh, mighty Uber Pick, I am now a changed man, a believer. I see now that to destroy you over a petty squabble would have been foolhardy! You clearly possess great power and I can only hope to give you a home that is worthy of your greatness.

    That is why I've decided to donate you to Mman, to put in his museum. Maybe there you will impress upon others the way you did me. Maybe there people will know of your power, and feel blessed to even lay eyes on you.

    You, the truly Unbreakable.
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  7. One pick to rule them all, and in the darkness mine them... In the land of Uber,where ore blocks lie...
  8. what HAVE you boys been drinking? ^.^
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  9. Coconut juice, delicious, nutritious, and the number one cause of insanity. I actually don't see a pickaxc here all I see are two dudes standing around a newly formed hole and a pit of fire yelling "It lives!" I have no idea what they mean but I can only assume they are the fresh victims of Coconut Juice.
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  10. Sorry for my mischief, it will not happen again :D


    I know I shouldn't but I laughed so darn hard after reading this that I cannot help give this uber thread one uber bump :p
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