Give away: Uber Pick, the pick axe Uber_Corq touched!

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  1. Hi gang!

    (no worries: Corq wore gloves when he opened his in-game mail!)

    Warning: This is a bit of an event, and I'm obviously serious about the give away itself, but... Some things might not be as they seem ;) There is also a little fun attached to this, question remains fun for who :)

    The event is over, Mman has won the Uber Pick!
    But read on for a good laugh!!

    SO... the other day Corq and me were talking on SMP2 while he was busy digging away. And in that tiny brief moment disaster struck: he used the shovel one too many times and it b0rk. Yeah, no good; he got totally distracted by me so now I owe him one shovel with some enchants and 1 usage point left :D Reminds me to check my virtual garbage can, err: excessive material storage again.

    Well, so I felt sorry for him and crafted a new tool, applied a cool enchant (Eff. IV) and sent it over his way. Just too bad Corq asked for a shovel and not a pickaxe. And so he sent it back.

    And I have no use for it either.

    So I gave it to Aya but then she gave me a strange look back and asked me if this was supposed to be some kind of a dumb joke, or had the weekend already started? So I guess she doesn't want this uberly cool Uber Pick either.

    I mean, come on... This is just like a mini-promo, only made by players and without the cool lore and such :) And lets not forget that Corq is a former staff member, and he actually touched this pickaxe!

    So who wants to have one?

    If you'd like to win this pickaxe then please give me a random number between 0 and 100 and I'll use to pick (pun intended) the winner.

    I might even add a tiny extra thingie to ease the pain a little (if that wasn't a fair hint then I don't know what is :D).

    SO... any takers?

    I'll let this run for a day or two and then we'll find ourselves a winner :)

    I cannot give any previews of the uber pick yet (sorry). Because of value and safety reasons I'm keeping this in my vault for now.

    Players / Chosen numbers as per 8th June 2016:

    Kippy159 - 2
    CallMeTower - 3
    Mman - 7 <== The winner!
    ScorpiEmmi - 11
    FAEvortixel - 12
    Arystina - 13
    Raging_Hedgehog 14
    HelloKittyRo - 16
    QuilliamPenn - 17
    ESSELEM - 21
    Aiyard - 25
    Raayn - 29
    Kytula - 30
    Dufne - 33
    FlareonInAction - 35
    TomvanWijnen 38
    AyanamiKun - 42
    OriginalScuf - 53
    nltimv - 55
    ww2fan168 - 69
    Uber_Corq's lawyer - 72
    tuqueue - 77
    iDab_ - 82
    Corq - 86
    OddWalrus - 87

    People actually want to win this? :eek:
  2. uh, can i have it? XD number 21 pls
  3. Lucky number 3
  4. Sounds odd, 7 please
  5. Very interesting :p
    There's nothing to lose (I hope) :D

    Between which numbers must I pick?
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  6. 87, because its a number
  7. Good question! Well, lets say between 0 and 100, I sincerely doubt this will attract that much players :)
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  8. I'll pick 55 then
  9. uber_corq was a staff member?
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  10. Huh 12 pls
  11. Number 38 please :D

    Do you still need a shovel? I might have one left, not 100% sure though. :)
  12. You'd have to ask Corq about that, I'm good since I always use voters gear. Do make sure that it doesn't have too much usage points left, otherwise it would become too OP :D
  13. Oh it'd be full, and I just remembered I probably already sold it... Oopsie :p
  14. 25 the day of my creation <3
  15. Hi, this is Uber_Corq's lawyer speaking, and I am compelled to inform those reading that this giveaway is in no way affiliated or associated with Uber_Corq, and any reference to Uber_Corq is purely ShelLuser's own insane rambling.

    Now, it looks like I'll have to enter a number, 72, myself, to ensure that the item in question doesn't fall into the wrong hands, i.e. any hands besides my own.

    Surely this would render it not special; that's kinda why I said it. :p
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  16. Why not enter this random giveaway?

    I'll take my lucky number 11.
  17. 13 please. :)