[Gift Exchange] Secret Santa 2015

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Yes 64 vote(s) 92.8%
No 5 vote(s) 7.2%
  1. Hello everybody, I have decided to host my very own Secret Santa, this will be yearly if it is popular enough.

    What is Secret Santa?
    Secret Santa is where players anonymously give each other gifts. You know who you give your gift to, but you do not know who gave a gift to you.

    How will this work?
    To make this work as efficiently as possible, I will give you guys until Dec 5th to sign up for Secret Santa. I will not be allowing any late entries under any circumstances. Once everybody is signed up, I will pair some names randomly so that everybody has a Secret Santa.

    Terms and Conditions
    • If you do not give a gift, you will not receive a gift. Your Secret Santa will get their items back
    • If you do not receive a gift, you will be given 5,000r
      • Donations from others will also be given as a consolation (Anonymous, of course!)
    How to sign up
    1. Sign ups are closed. :(
    Time Schedule

    • December 5th: Sign up period ends
    • December 7th: Secret Santas will be assigned via inbox message
    • December 24th, 12:00 Noon: You may no longer give gifts
    I hope this turns out as good as I hope.

    1. Deathtomb8953
    2. NetherSpecter
    3. Mman
    4. Rhythmicaly
    5. AverageWalrus
    6. LtCaptainMe
    7. deathconn
    8. ShyguytheGamer1
    9. Hashhog
    10. ThaKloned
    11. SteamingFire
    12. Dj__Krazy
    13. Tahitan
    14. ww2fan168
    15. LittleBlueBun
    16. Dufne
    17. BlinkyBinky
    18. tuqueque
    19. AndrewTheFrog
    20. Agitating
    21. xHaro_Der
    22. Codygraw
    23. FWRonald
    24. H00D
    25. autumnrain26
    26. ChickenDice
    27. Rex1o
    28. DanialBuchinger
    29. Bat_King35787
    30. penfoldex
    31. fBuilderS
    32. Kyzoy
    33. JadziaForever
    34. Crazy_TJ
    35. neonkillah
    36. weeh
    37. Scarmanzer
    38. TechNinja_42
    39. SuperVal_Junior
    40. cadgamer101
    41. Inuyasha1204
    42. Oly_007
    43. Birosquinha
    44. padde73
    45. Evesthery
    46. MustangLover25
    47. Dramanya
    48. PinkCaker
    49. EnderMagic1
    50. Mob_Meal
    51. JPGamerZ
    52. ItsMeWolffpack
    53. CatLady808
    54. L1K34K1NG
    55. Keliris
    56. 607
    57. Miss_Peevle
    58. SkareCboi
    59. fisher9876543210
    60. DoubleCakes9001
    61. Dektirok
    62. TheDarkModRises
    63. Zelock
    64. amadai
    65. God_Of_Gods
    66. Ark_Warrior1
    68. KJCHAV
    69. SageCREEPER
    70. SkeleTin007
    71. HannahEB
    72. TromboneSteve
    73. _Toto_
    74. FoxyRavenger
    75. SirWii
    76. mercenaries2009

    Did I miss you? Private message me please.
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  2. Ill join, anything that has some love put into it!
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  3. Why not? Could be fun. :)
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  4. I'll join. this should be fun.
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  5. I'll be willing to participate. :D
    I don't have anything specific that I'm looking for, but something meaningful would be appreciated :D
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  6. I'd be happy to take part in this thing of gift giving
    as fer what I want? Just Something Nice, could be a Promo if your willing, could be a book, heck could be a block of dirt named Leonard
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  7. Hehe Sure I will join the games, as to what I want pfft I don't know something differant
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  8. Sign me up :)
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  9. I want supporters vouchers or a promo...lul
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  10. I would love to be a part of this. :) I'm glad to see that you're taking the initiative and running on of these this year. I know that they're a lot of fun, and players have always enjoyed them in the past, so I'm quite grateful to you for running this. :D
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  11. Sounds fun, count me in. I am not picky. Something cool :)
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  12. Me participating.

    I want something uniquely named. Like, a renamed item (not special item).
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  13. Well I was too late to set-up my Secret Santa, but I'll join... I would want a story written by the Secret Santa
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  14. I will join, Anything that is shiny!!!
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  15. I'll join.

    In return, I want a dragon egg ( joking, I just want something like a vault voucher or a diamond or two )
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  16. Wahoo, it's this time of year again! <3

    Oh, uh, rails, obsidian, and quartz, in that order. :)
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  17. I'll Join. Anything that is a shiny or special ;)
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  18. Id Like To Particapate I don't know what I would like (I do this in irl)
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  19. I'll do it! Anything suffices, I'm not a picky person.
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  20. I would like to participate: anything, but with some chest art in it

    1 enchanted tool and other stuff
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